Netflix kicks Danny Masterson off 'The Ranch' after rape allegations

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Danny Masterson has been removed from Netflix's show The Ranch 8 months after multiple women came forward with rape allegations.

The former That 70s Show actor was accused of sexual assault back in March, however, the Church of Scientology seemingly helped squash allegations with a statement saying the woman was Masterson's longtime girlfriend and that she made threats against his now wife, Bijou Phillips. As we reported, the allegations weren't made until Leah Remini made contact with the alleged victim and made a statement of her own that the Church will hide misdoings of any member.

While there is an ongoing investigation, Masterson has not been charged. Netflix received criticism for keeping him on staff, something that was fueled further by exec Andy Yeatman's statement to an alleged victim while at a youth soccer game, that he didn't believe the allegations were true.

Chrissie Carnell Bixler, another of Masterson's accusers, told The Daily Beast after the renewal of The Ranch was announced in July, “I was sick when I read Netflix’s statement on continuing with ‘The Ranch’ and continuing their working relationship with a man who has violently raped and abused so many women.”

Huffington Posts' Yashir Ali, who has been working on their investigation into why the case has stalled, saying, "Los Angeles County district attorney having compelling evidence in the case," and noting this information comes from multiple sources.

Netflix,  already under scrutiny for allegations made against another star, House of Cards' Kevin Spacey, made this statement:

“As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch. Yesterday was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him."

Do you think Netflix is right in firing Danny Masterson?

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