Delta Deep's highly anticipated 'East Coast Live' is a melding of energetic blues and rock

'East Coast Live' Album Cover, Delta Deep

From a professed testament to create blues in the truest sense emerges a blues-infused melding of soul and rock grooves to make up Delta Deep’s sound.

Formed by Phil Collen (guitarist/vocals/Def Leppard, Manraze), the rock icon combined the talents of Rob DeLeo (bassist/Stone Temple Pilot), Forrest Robinson (drummer/TLC, India Arie, Engelbert Humperdinck, Joe Sample & The Crusaders) and Debbi Blackwell-Cook (who formerly sang background vocals for Michael Buble, Gregory Hines, Luther Vandross before his solo career) to define Delta Deep as a “extreme blues project” in 2012.

Blues music was different from what we hear today.  Collen wanted to make music that he would want to listen to, hence the blues-laden sound that would make up Delta Deep.  It really goes back to the roots and bases the sound on what blues music was originally all about before it all became a form of posturing, Delta Deep takes blues music in its rawest and most organic form and transforms it into something truly original and authentic.

East Coast Live is the group’s full live performance recorded at legendary Daryl’s House in Pawling, New York.  Delta Deep’s eponymous debut was released in June 2015 with huge fanfare, entering iTunes Blues charts at #2.

The live album opens up with “Black Dog Opener” that starts out with the audience cheering as the band keeps up the buzz with a few opening words to the show.  A high grooving sound could be detected right away and some shake down bluesy rhythms as well.  A guitar sounds off, dripping with ease, blazing with some super galactic mixtures of rhythms and blues.  Blackwell-Cook’s dynamic vocals fill the track, ill-contained in the big bustling bluesy vibe.  Altogether the jam-session coalesces with a really great cohesive sound, a melding of tight musicianship and electrifying vocals.

“Bang The Lid” is filled with radio-active guitar licks, snarling drums, and pulse-heavy rhythms on the bassline.  Paved with raucous combined vocal energizes, happening electric guitar riffs and sizzling percussions go on to add to the hyped up energy.  Blackwell-Cook’s vocal energies will really take you there along with the charged atmosphere of the music.

“Miss Me” starts out with a wall of sonically soaring electric vibe on the guitar, rolling with a big classic rock ‘n’ roll sound.

“Treat Her Like Candy” is a real smooth song, encased with a raw bluesy cadence.  The uplifting track is filled with positive vibes about meeting a sweet girl and treating her right.  The slower saunter to the song is embedded with an electric guitar solo intertwined in the smooth blend of vocals, bass, and drums.

“Black Coffee” opens up with some loud banging guitar riffs with some gritty vocals from Collen incorporated in the beginning of the song.  The happening bluesy jam-sessions traces startling guitar licks, rhythm-heavy bass, and snarling drums.

“Brunt Sally/Rock Me” has a big rocking sound on this bluesy ballad.  There is definitely a smoky appeal to this track with its alluring and sultry rock vibe.  A big grinding bluesy sound erupts along with the electric guitar solo that really dives into the blues-driven cadence.  This song really guns for your attention with its great rearing sound that hits the tantamount with a hard-hitting bluesy pulse.  With a very snap and go appeal to it, soaring guitar riffs pave this song.

“Whiskey” is a whiskey-laden track with a great smothering blues-drenched sound.  It contains a rhythm-heavy pulse with an intoxicating build to the chorus.

An intermingling of rock and blues-infused tunes goes onto create an atmospheric on “Shuffle Sweet” filled with an electric beat that will get your feet-tapping and head bobbing, on the slow-striding “Private Number” with its buzzing guitar riffs and soaring sounds, on the big demented blues played on “Bless These Blues,” on the big bluesy guitars and gritty vocals on “Mistreated,” on the big dynamic blues-fused rock on “Down In The Delta,” and on the revving rock melded with some good ole honest blues on “Feelit” with a smattering of audience participation encompassed on the closing song.

Fasten your seatbelts.  Get ready for some revving fun with Delta Deep’s bluesy effects loosen over some out of control classic rock tunes.

East Coast Live is an excellent execution of a melding of rock-enthused and blues-driven vibe.

With huge showmanship, the band keeps the audience pumped in-between takes with their lively banter between band members and the audience.

Delta Deep’s happening sound is filled with soulful vocals and with music with a real aching vibe to it that really vies for your attention.  The group goes deep into the nit and grit blues with their organically raw sound.

Surrender to this spirited release of demanding drums, attention-grabbing and bursting at the seams electric guitar jolts, and some big reeling basslines.  This is blues attested music ready for your attention.

Delta Deep’s East Coast Live is due out for release on Frontier Records early 2018.

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