Elenowen debuts new single, "The Way I Am"

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Husband and wife singer-songwriter duo, Josh and Nicole Johnson—also known as Elenowen—debuted their brand-new single, “The Way I Am” this past Friday, November 24. Prior to “The Way I Am,” the couple last released new music in 2015 with their second album, For The Taking.

The release of “The Way I Am” also represents a sonic evolution for Elenowen.

In comparison to earlier songs like “Cripple Me” (2010) and “No Such Thing As Time” (2011), and even For The Taking’s “Desert Days,” “The Way I Am” is less folksy and more alternative; Josh and Nicole play with rock influences this time around.

Heavy string sounds and powerful guitar riffs offset their emotional lyrics: “Will you stand by me when you just don’t understand?/And will you still love me? Love me just the way I am?”

Josh and Nicole’s style is maturing; they’re experimenting artistically in order to reach their full potential.

The pair announced via Instagram that “The Way I Am” is only the first of many new tracks they plan to share with their listeners this year.


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