Elena Andujar 'Flamenco In Time' embellishes Latin-fusion songs with electronic dance vibe

'Flamenco In Time' Album Cover, Elena Andujar

Flamenco artist Elena Andujar is widely received around the world for her embellishments in the flamenco genre dressing her music with flourishes into rap and jamming dance-style clubbing mixes.

Born in Seville, the birthplace of flamenco, it is no wonder that Andujar is able to establish herself as one of the most sought after flamenco singers in the scene.

Her debut solo album was recorded in Milan and Madrid and incorporates the help of great musicians such as pianist Walter Tesoriere and the flamenco singer, Dieguito “El Cigala.”

Her latest album release, Flamenco In Time, is rooted in a hybrid of some traditional sounds and newer rhythms.

The album opens up with “Una Vez Mes” that right from the start is accompanied by fiery flamenco music encased in the pop stylings of electronic dance club remixes.  The lone sound of the trumpet sounding off while being supported by the invigorating electronic beats is electrifying.  Passionate vocals speak of the ferocious spiritedness of flamenco, overall.  This is bright, inflamed music, smothering with a fiery guitar that ignites a sultry and at the same time sizzling sound.  A beatific Spanish guitar playing done all in the backdrop of electronic semblances adds to the overall ambience.

The next track, “Fever” follows through with melodic keys that introduce this track.  Gradually some upbeat electronic fares join in with the trumpet sidling in adding a joyous and victorious feel to the celebration.  A great Latin-fusion backbeat could be heard pulsating with buoyant beats that encompasses Andujar’s fabulous flamenco stylings.  An epic trumpet solo sounds off backed by catchy electronic dance beats.

Energized dance tunes fill the track, “El Despertador (Club Mix).”  With a catchy and upbeat electronic vibe and with a finish of flamenco and Latin-fusion flavor added to the mix, Andujar raps in a rapid, sure-fire fashion in Spanish.  She spits out the words with lyrical ease, giving this song a fun-loving and uplifting style.  Intricate finger work on the guitar could be heard playing towards the end with engaging electronic beats supporting the action.

The track, “El Despertador (Matt’s Late Night Workout)” relies on a rhythms-heavy bassline, which adds to the steady rhythmic pulse of the overall song.  The probing and pulsating backbeat goes on to elicit a bouncy beat that melds together a darker feel to the track with more gritty synths.  Andujar’s rap on this remix is a stealthy blend of hip hop influences and flamenco dissembling with the grinding beats.

The percussions on “Es Asi (Club Mix)” give life to the electronic dance beats and overall production.  Andujar’s vocals, here, are permeated with enthusiasm.  Her spirited singing and the happening dance vibe cohesively punctuates this recording with her energized performance.

The album continues on with “Es Asi (Matt and MyMy’s DiscoFunk Mix)” that opens up with a nu disco-infused backbeat and a great funky groove.  The electronic beats on this track is filled with a funky backbeat, flexing with is retro disco groovy flavors with a wonky funk vibe.

The closer, “Es Asi (Matt’s Peak Hour),” is a popping dance remix filled with bouncy electronic beats and bass-heavy tones, undulating with a gigantic flamenco and Latin-twist flavor.  Energized percussions and deft finger work on the guitar also goes on to pave this song.

With her deep roots, Andujar distinguishes herself in the flamenco genre with her unique voice and dedication.

Andujar is definitely an artist ahead of her time with innovative music that ties flamenco with dance house mixes.

She amplifies her sound with catchy and upbeat electronic dance beats, diversifying flamenco music to newer listeners.

Exemplifying a technique that encompasses many styles and sounds, Elena Andujar is able to differentiate herself as a true and dedicated artist.

Drawing from her endless repertory, Andujar is always up for new things.  Be sure to check out her latest, Flamenco In Time, today!

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