'Flash' Don't Run: Recap

In the first of many twists in this episode of The Flash, Amunet wants Caitlin and not Killer Frost. She requires Caitlin’s medical skills — Amunet accidentally injured a telepathic metahuman named Dominic while she was trying to capture him, and now she needs to Caitlin to remove the black metal that’s stuck in his neck.

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Caitlin is reluctant to perform the surgery because she doesn’t have the necessary equipment, but Amunet gives her an option: surgery or die. Even though Caitlin can’t use her powers because Amunet slapped a meta-power dampener on her, doesn’t mean Caitlin stops fighting. Using Dominic’s powers, Caitlin and Dominic try to escape, but Amunet catches them.

Rather than punish Caitlin and Dominic for trying to escape, Amunet, tries a different tactic to motivate Caitlin to help her: a pep talk. Amunet reveals that before she became this successful businesswoman, she was a stewardess who was constantly being sexually harassed by pilots — but then, the accelerator explosion happened and she was “powerless no more,” and she got her revenge on the pilots. She tells this to Caitlin to point out that unlike her, Caitlin was special before she got her powers, and that she knows Caitlin can figure out how to save Dominic’s life.

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Meanwhile, Barry finds himself trapped inside a prison in the Thinker’s sanctuary. Although DeVoe refuses to reveal his plans to Barry — he assures him that by the end of this experience, he’ll learn there are no happy endings. Joe and Harry show up at DeVoe’s home to question him, but they obviously don’t find Barry because DeVoe is many steps ahead of them.

When Joe and Harry’s search turns up nothing, Harry takes it upon himself to have an important conversation with Iris. He tells her that they’re failing at finding their friends because their resources are stretched too thin. The satellite can’t possibly track Caitlin’s powers and Barry’s Speed Force energy at the same time, so it’s time for Iris to make the tough call as the team’s leader. She decides to focus their energies on finding Caitlin because she’s in a vulnerable position and Barry can handle himself.

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Later, Caitlin uses old equipment finds in the hospital, she manages to create what she needs to safely remove the shard of metal from Dominic’s neck. However, she also uses the surgery as an opportunity knock out Amunet and her men, and she and Dominic make their escape. Amunet quickly recovers and chases after them, but Cisco and Elongated Man arrive in time to save her.

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Barry tricks DeVoe into opening his cage by vibrating so quickly that it looks like he’s invisible. Once the force field is gone, Barry attacks DeVoe, who teleports them into the air, where their fight happens.

Team Flash gathers at Joe’s apartment to celebrate Christmas. However, the peace doesn’t last long. The alarm in Barry and Iris’ apartment goes off, so Barry speeds off to check on it. When he gets there, he receives a call from Dominic, who is actually the Thinker. Barry finds DeVoe’s old body. The cops arrive and Barry gets arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

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