Flobots respond to Logan Paul's 'No Handlebars' rip-off in song

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Flobots replied to Logan Paul's rip-off of the hook of their song "Handlebars" with his song "No Handlebars," with another song.

They took to social media after Paul's video was released calling it "rampant misogyny and tone def douchebaggery."

In an official statement, Jonny5 of Flobots shared why they felt it necessary to speak out, "To see our song used this way, especially against the backdrop of a national conversation about respect for women, we felt a duty to speak up."

Since then, they released the song, "Handle Your Bars," which slams Paul's objectification of women.

In this project he concocts a fascinating twist of logic/Describes a woman's body like it's just an object!)

They also basically tell him to grow up, that pawning goods off on children isn't talent.

For the sake of our community (huh!)/I'mma take the opportunity/To let you know there's another stage after puberty

They also do some back and forth, referencing the social media posts in which the Logangsters attacked them for saying Paul's use "No Handlebars" was not the homage it could have been.

Do you think the Flobots brought the heat or made the situation worse? Tell us below!

Want more Flobots? They are currently on tour. Check out their site for locations and dates.

Missed Logan Paul's "No Handlebars?" Check it out below.

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