Flu season is here, it is time to get vaccinated!

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Flu season is here and while it is important for everyone to get vaccinated, it is especially important for people over 65 to get inoculated from this virus that can be deadly.  Doctors are saying that this year has the possibility of being one of the most deadly Flu seasons in the past decade.

Here are some interesting Flu facts:

  • More than 90% of annual flu-related deaths occur in adults age 65 and older
  • Older adults are hospitalized 10-30 times more than younger adults
  • Months after recovering from flu symptoms, older adults may still be at a higher risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular problems

The vaccine helps your body recognize what to look for in the flu so it will start fighting it right away.  Something cool to know is that there are many different kinds of flu vaccines.  There is even a new option being developed for vegan people as most existing vaccines use products derived from eggs.

Flu season typically runs from August or September to early spring.

Dr. Adam Welch, on behalf of the American Pharmacists Association, and Gina Venditti, with the Physician Assistant Foundation, spoke with Michelle Tompkins for TheCelebrityCafe.com  about the difference between the flu and a cold, why vaccinations are so important, why certain populations such as seniors are more at risk of contracting the flu and more.

Flu season is upon us.  Please get yourself and your loved ones to the doctor or the pharmacy for the shot.  Find out where you can get a Flu vaccination near you here.

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