‘Gotham’ Fall Finale recap: ‘A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight’

Chaos never stops in Gotham. Sofia and the rest of the girls are attacking the Iceberg Lounge. Jim and the GCPD are searching for Pyg and they find a black market doctor near death and another bloody note saying that Pyg has left Gotham.

Sofia gets a call and knows who it is from. They all arrive at the Falcone mansion and find Carmine Falcone himself waiting. He is very disappointed in Sofia and is here to take her home. He doesn’t want the city, he just wants his family. Another twist in the story as Penguin appears. It seems he called Carmine and explained what was going on.

Jim shows up to the Falcone mansion and runs into Carmine. Carmine tells him about the deal he made with Penguin. Once again Sofia is being forced to leave Gotham. “The sun never shines here,” Carmine says moments before a black van drives up and opens fire on everyone. Sofia is wounded and Carmine is tragically gunned down. Wow. This all happens within the first 10-11 minutes.

What a start. Catch your breath.

Gotham is shocked by the news of Carmine’s death. The rumor going around town is that Penguin was responsible. Carmine has a very large and powerful funeral. Jim wants to bring down Penguin but needs proof. Bullock and Jim have another awkward reunion. I really want Bullock to come back. He tells Jim that he started all of this and it’s time to finish this once and for all. Jim takes Sofia and leaves the funeral. It was interesting to see Victor pay his respects since he was very loyal to Falcone for a very long time.

It doesn’t take long for Penguin to storm into GCPD looking for Sofia. Jim and the GCPD stand their ground. Jim gives a solid motivational speech and they kick Penguin and his crew out of the building. The GCPD begin battling Penguin’s gangs. Jim protects Sofia and she proposes an idea. She tells Jim that they can pin Martin’s murder on Penguin. (Even though we all know Penguin faked Martin’s death).

Penguin is upset that Jim is beating them. Jim storms in and is there to arrest Penguin for Martin’s murder. Penguin then explains how he faked the entire situation. The shocking moment is when Victor lies and turns on Penguin. He accuses Penguin of murdering Martin. We quickly find out that Victor will always be loyal to a Falcone over a Cobblepot. Sofia is slowly masterminding everything.

Bruce is still lost in his partying ways. Alfred has an idea. He wants to take Bruce away to Switzerland so Bruce can find himself again and work through his pain. Bruce refuses and Alfred and he gets into a heated argument that leads to a brawl. Alfred gets the better of him but might take it too far as he punches Bruce right in the face.

Edward continues to struggle to try and battle and repress his inner Riddler persona. I’m a big fan of the Riddler so I hope he comes back. Grundy seems confused and is then quickly kidnapped by Tabitha. She tries to beat the memory into Grundy. She tries to make him remember being Butch. She eventually gives up and walks away. Sometime later Grundy wakes up and sounding like Butch…wonders what is going on.

Sofia is deep in thought as Jim comes to visit. He tells her he doesn’t want a Falcone running the underworld again. Sofia has an idea. And yet another surprise as Pyg shows up. We find out that Sofia is behind everything that has happened. She brought Pyg to Gotham. She has planned everything, even the murder of her own father. This enrages Jim and he goes after Pyg. It is short-lived as Sofia shoots Pyg and tells Jim he has a choice. Jim realizes now this is her revenge since he killed Mario. She wants him leading the GCPD. Someone that she can control. The other option is going against her in which case she will make sure that Gotham is lost forever. Jim reluctantly agrees to honor her deal. Sofia Falcone is truly her father’s daughter.

This entire episode has been a wild ride. We find out that Bruce went to his lawyer and had papers drawn up to release Alfred of his duties. Alfred is no longer his legal guardian. Bruce then quickly fires him so he can go out partying again. I know Bruce is going through some stuff but he is super annoying right now. A very sad looking Alfred shuts the lights off at Wayne Manor before leaving.

Jim is feeling confused and probably a little guilty right now. He wants to talk to Bullock. Bullock commends him for the work he has done and tells him to keep it up. Jim goes into his office and finds Bullock’s gun and badge on his desk. Bullock is one of my favorite characters. This just made me sad.

Penguin is losing his mind inside his cell at Arkham Asylum. He keeps hearing his cellmate talking to him. We all quickly recognize his voice and that very unique laugh. JEROME is Penguin’s cell neighbor and this can only mean more chaos is lingering in Gotham…

Gotham will return with new episodes this spring only on FOX.

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