‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom’

A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom

Tonight’s episode of Gotham starts at Arkham Asylum where Professor Pyg is slowly adjusting to his new home. He quickly takes charge and kills an inmate. Jim is still trying to have Lucius find out more about the surgeries Pyg has undergone. He wants to know who Pyg really is.

Jim is dealing with other issues including his situation with Sofia. He is equally shocked to find out that Sofia told Penguin the truth about their arrangement. She wants Penguin out of the picture and a future for them. Jim would like Penguin gone. He doesn’t quite see a future for them. I don’t think Sofia is going to give up that easily. She is a Falcone.

Leslie is adjusting to her leadership role in The Narrows. She is solving problems and currently going to solve an issue with a man who runs a neighborhood down the street. His name is Sampson and is he reluctant to make a deal with Leslie. She offers medical treatment and profits from fight night. 

Sofia returns to the orphanage and is confronted by Penguin. He knows about her lies and calls her out. She actually admits to it and claims she has been planning everything this entire time. Penguin calls in someone called ‘The Dentist’ to torture Sofia. He is about to torture her when Sofia pulls a classic Falcone move and changes the guy’s opinion. He releases her and she is quickly snagged by the Gotham Girls Club (Barbara, Tabitha and Selina). They are gonna use Sofia as leverage to make a truce with Penguin. Sofia tells them her plan to take his underworld from him.

Jim is determined to learn more about Pyg. He goes to see him at Arkham where Pyg continues to deflect his questions and knows he will be remembered. Jim taunts Pyg by saying the people have already forgotten about him. Jim gets what he needs as Pyg’s southern accent slips out as he is leaving.

Penguin is praising his new sidekick Martin for all of his help. Victor tells Penguin of the deal Barbara wants to make for Sofia. Penguin agrees. Sofia continues to persuade Barbara to work with her. It is at this moment that Victor shows up and tries to blow them all up with a rocket launcher. They escape and Sofia rushes to AGAIN persuade Jim to take down Penguin. Jim knows exactly what she is doing. He knows Sofia wants a war. He plans to send Sofia away from Gotham. Sofia might be planning everything but Jim is smart. He knows what she is up to.

Leslie and Edward return to her clinic and find it trashed. They know Sampson was behind this. She has a plan. They return to see Sampson and he has a change of heart when he realizes that Leslie poisoned him. Leslie later tells Edward that nothing is actually wrong with him and that his problem is currently psychological. Edward seems relieved but then we starts seeing his alter ego again. Does this mean The Riddler is back? I sure hope so.

Jim confronts Penguin and tells him he is sending Sofia away from Gotham. Penguin agrees to a deal which would include the end of Pax Penguina. Sofia is obviously reluctant to leave. Penguin loses it again when he finds out Martin has been kidnapped. He has Victor confront Sofia who wants to meet with Penguin.

The two sides meet up with the girls having Martin. Sofia tells Penguin that she wants complete control of the underworld. They go back and forth until Penguin says he submits. He gets Martin back and tells him to wait in the car. He then tells Sofia his heart is his weakness, but Martin will no longer be his pawn. He blows up the car and Victor and company open fire. Penguin screams to them that he is starting this war. The war that has been brewing all season is finally beginning!

The two sides retreat after the first battle. Sofia assures the girls that they are going to win this war. Penguin is very clever. We find out that he faked Martin’s death. He is sending Martin away for safety. It seems we are on the brink of chaos in Gotham…

Lucius gives Jim some more info about Pyg’s origin. He escaped from prison in the south. Jim immediately alerts Arkham Asylum and heads that way. He arrives to Pyg’s cell and finds a dead guard along with a message in blood on the wall. Professor Pyg is on the loose….


Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.

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