LA Car Show is on now, learn more from Michael Harley from Kelley Blue Book

LA Car Show, Michael Harley, Kelley Blue Book

The LA Auto Show is one of the coolest places to go to not only see what’s new in the world of cars.  It shows trends in cars, new safety features and lets the public know what to be looking for in the auto marketplace.  It takes place from Dec. 1-10 and it is the place to be to discover all that is new and exciting in the automotive realm.

The LA Auto Show is one of the most globally renowned auto shows and it is the first one to kick of the auto show season.  It serves as a Mecca for everyone who is everyone the car business.  More than 50 vehicles were set to be unveiled at the show.

If you are in Southern California know that the LA Car Show is a carnival of cars.  You can test drive some vehicles and you can just look around and see how cool some of these cars are.  If you can’t get to LA, you can still learn more about the future of cars by checking out what Michael Hartley, Group Managing Editor for Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and has to say about it.

Michael Harley spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about the newest trends in cars, what makes the LA Car Show so special, how the green movements affect the auto industry, how practical are tiny engines in 4000-pound machines, which cars are most popular with the public and more.

Learn more about the LA Auto Show here and check out Kelley Blue Book here.

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