LA EDM trio AMERA delves into electronica with soaring effects 'Connected'

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Los Angeles EDM group AMERA is a live performance band who are known for their intense live shows and DIY approach to image, video, and music.

Comprised of Brooke Adams (vocals), Mikael Oganes (synths/keys), and Donovan Butez (guitar), the trio builds upon their electronic sound with organic instrumentation and synth-heavy rhythms on their newest single, “Connected.”

The track starts out with chilling effects on the guitar with warbling electronics giving off an eerie sensation to the overall music.  A rhythms-heavy bassline also accompanies the song with Adams vulnerable vocals giving the free-spirited sound an uplifting vibe.

Cascading electronic beats fill the cacophony of sounds giving the track an atmospheric and nearly epic soundscape.

The MV opens up with shots of a cityscape juxtaposed with a night clubbing scene.  A crafted rock vibe paved with exciting electronic beats play in the backdrop as the scenes flip between the band performing on the dance floors of a club and on the city streets.  The music video alleviates the sense and feeling of “connectedness” between the club itself and the whole city-wide scope with its ambient and atmospheric vibe.

Paved with lyrical melodies and many a dramatic drop, AMERA’s sound takes you on a musical journey through its searing soundscapes and intense live performances.  Blending a rock vibe with electronic layering and synths, AMERA deliberately brings to you an electrifying distillation of sounds that definitely undulates with true artistic merit.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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