'Legends of Tomorrow' midseason finale recap: 'Beebo the God of War'

Legends of Tomorrow

On the midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow, the team travels back to 1000 A.D., encountering a dear friend and two familiar foes.

In the previous episode, the Arrowverse joined together to fight Nazis from Earth-X. They succeeded, but Stein died in the fight.

“Beebo the God of War” begins in 1992 with a younger Stein at a toy store, in line for a Beebo stuffed animal for a Hanukkah present. He promises his wife he will get the toy for Lily. The store manager announces there are no remaining Beebo’s and the crowd is upset. A man notices one on top of a shelf and everyone runs trying to get it. Stein manages to get the toy. The crowd rushes after him, but he and the Beebo disappear and are transported back in time.

On the Waverider, Snart attempts to help the Legends cope with Stein's death with a Stein puppet. Amaya is surprised and thinks a puppet is not the way to help. Ray takes it seriously and asks the puppet a science question. Nate annoys Snart by making him try to do his best Stein impression. Rory attacks the puppet but says it is just because he hates puppets. Snart puts away the puppet for Jax and listens to him share his guilt over Stein’s death.

The Legends gather on the bridge and Sara tells them all to lock away their feelings about Stein for the time being and focus on their job. Gideon announces the new anachronism is a level 12, as Leif Erikson and the Vikings have landed in North America in 1000 A.D. and instead of leaving will conquer the area and call it New Valhalla. Snart tells Sara the team is not ready, but she disagrees.

In North America, Nate and Jax watch Leif Erikson and his sister Freydis Eriksdottir talk. Sara and Rory discover Stein, being held in a net. Jax rushes to Stein, ignoring the others. Jax gets him down and Stein tells the team they need to go and get the toy. They fail to listen and drag him off. The Vikings bring out Beebo and when it says it is hungry, Freydis announces their god hungers for battle and the Vikings cheer.

Back on the Waverider, Stein tells the Legends about the Vikings believe that Beebo is a god. The group discusses the situation and Stein tells them Freydis is using Beebo’s words to further her own ideals. Sara tells Zari to get Stein cleaned up and as they leave they run into the others. Stein asks where his older self is and Zari covers up for the others and says he is with his family for the holidays.

Jax shares his frustration with Nate that Sara wants to keep him from Stein. Amaya and Ray join the conversation and remind him telling Stein about his death could alter the future. Jax is upset and leaves.

Rory is also upset, but about the fact that his beer tastes weird. Snart tells him he changed Gideon’s settings. He challenges Rory to go without alcohol for two full days.
Nate tells Sara and Ray that tonight is Yule and Leif is having a feast. Ray exclaims they should dress up as Norse gods, but the other two dismiss the idea. Agent Ava Sharpe calls and the two men leave as Sara answers. Sharpe shares her condolences, then mentions her concerns about the anachronism. She mentions Beebo Day and realizes that is part of the anachronism. Sara asks Sharpe for her help, and she agrees and transports to the Waverider.

The group brings the Vikings alcohol as a gift and are welcomed to the feast. Amaya speaks to Leif and Freydis, saying her clan is from all over and mentions they lost one of their own recently. Sharpe questions the Legends approach and their outfits, and Sara replies it is working so far and that Sharpe looks great. Rory tries to get a drink, but Snart appears. Freydis follows Rory and punches him when he takes an offering drink of Beebo’s. Sharpe and Sara are trying to get some information via a drinking game when Freydis drags Rory back to the party. Freydis rubs Beebo’s tummy and it says it is hungry, which means Rory is a sacrifice.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Sara tells Nate and Amaya to retrieve Beebo while the rest will save Rory. The Vikings throw Rory into the fire, but per Sara’s instructions, Snart uses his cold weapon. Sharpe cries out that Beebo is offering mercy to Rory. Beebo suddenly speaks, saying it loves them as Amaya holds the toy, having squeezed it accidentally. A fight breaks out between the Legends and the Vikings.

Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Zari and Jax are playing video games together. The two talk about Stein and Zari says if Jax wants to warn him, then he should. Younger Stein interrupts their game to ask if he can go home to his time. Jax says he will take him on the jump ship, and Zari tells him to find a loophole.

Back on the ground, the fighting continues. The team throws Beebo around, like a football. Rory ends up lighting the toy on fire with his gun and the toy is destroyed. Leif tells the Vikings they should leave North America. As the Vikings walk away, Sharpe says the Legends saved Odin Day and they realize the anachronism is not fixed. Damien Darhk appears before the Vikings dressed as Odin, with his daughter Nora by his side. The Legends leave to regroup.

Back on the Waverider, the group discusses what to do and Sara asks Sharpe to call in the Time Bureau and Sharpe agrees. Zari tells Sara Jax is taking Stein home. After her chat with the Bureau, Sharpe admits to Sara that the Bureau is in disorder after Rip’s imprisonment. She says the Bureau cannot help and that the Darhk’s are too powerful. Sharpe follows orders and leaves, despite Sara’s request to stay and help the team.

Snart finds Rory searching for alcohol. Snart confesses he came with them to help himself process his loss of his own Rory, as much as to help the team. He argues with Rory and says he will leave after this mission.

Stein and Jax arrive back in 1992. Jax tries to give him a dated letter and Stein refuses at first, saying he knows the team was lying to him about his future self. Jax pleads with him and Stein takes the letter.

Sara tells the others about the Time Bureau’s decision. She says Snart wants them to talk about their feelings and hers are that she cannot lose anyone else. She tells them about her plan and the next scene is what would happen. Sara arrives at the Viking camp in White Canary gear and demands to see Odin. She takes out the guards but is killed. The Legends tell her no and she asks for their plans.

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Zari says going alone is a no, and the scene changes to Zari and Nate disguising themselves and Sara taking out Darhk with a crossbow. Zari admits it does not take care of Nora. The team tells Sara they have to do this together.

Legends of Tomorrow
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The beginning of the scene plays out like they all imagined, but Darhk grabs the arrow. Nora sends the Vikings to help, but Beebo flies out and tells them to go home to Greenland. And since shrunken Ray is inside Beebo, he rambles on. Nora tries to shoot Ray/Beebo down, but Rory and Snart attack. Nora cannot hold them off in the end. Darhk realizes his daughter is harmed and rushes to her side while the Legends fight the Vikings. Sara reaches out to stop Darhk from leaving and is transported with the two villains.

Sara lands in an alternate dimensional wasteland and hears a voice calling her name. The voice is Mallus, who says he is coming to bring her world pain. Sara is pulled out of that world by Sharpe, who returned to help the team. Sharpe mentions Christmas and Sara are thrilled they have finally fixed the anachronism.

Back on the ship, Gideon gives Sara a clean bill of health despite Sharpe’s worry. The two share a moment and Sharpe leaves to tell the Bureau about Sara’s encounter with Mallus. Gideon tells Sara time is back to normal.

Jax is upset because Gideon says Stein is still dead. He is confused because his letter told Stein how to prevent his own death. Zari says maybe Stein did not read the note.

Jax takes the jump ship back to 1992 and brings Lily a Beebo, much to her delight. Clarissa offers him tea and leaves the two to talk. Stein tells him he burnt the letter and wants Jax to let him go. Stein says he will have a wonderful life full of adventure and he wants Jax to have that as well. The two shake hands and say goodbye.

When Jax returns he tells Sara he needs to leave the team. She wants to change his mind but ultimately accepts his decision. He goes to pack up his things and is surprised by his team, who decided to throw a party.

Rory and Snart talk. Snart apologizes for trying to change Rory and the two seem on good terms.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Jax gives a speech about how the Legends are his found family. The team agrees and share a heartfelt moment. Sara walks with Jax as he leaves and the two hug.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Sara gets back on the ship and sees John Constantine. He asks her for help fighting against a demon he says knows Sara’s name.

This was a funny and touching episode. I like that this episode allowed the team, particularly Jax, to heal and process Stein’s death. Jax leaving is probably for the best for now. I am looking forward to seeing who will be joining the Legends for the rest of the season. This episode highlighted Sara and Ava Sharpe’s chemistry and I will be surprised if they do not kiss or date before the season ends.

Legends of Tomorrow is now on break and the preview for its return episode “Daddy Darhkest” is below. The show is taking over Supergirl’s timeslot for the rest of the third season, so Legends of Tomorrow will air Monday’s at 8 p.m. on The CW starting February 12.

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