'Legends of Tomorrow' recap: 'Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4'

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow finishes the Arrowverse crossover as more of the Legends join the fight against the Nazis from Earth-X.

Last time on Legends of Tomorrow, the team traveled back to the Vietnam War where Rory met his father and got some closure. On the previous episode of the Arrowverse crossover, many of the heroes from Arrow, SupergirlThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow were held by Nazis on Earth-X. At the end of the episode, Stein was shot trying to reach a power switch to get everyone home.

“Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4” begins immediately where the previous part ended. Stein lays on the floor, blood pooling beside him as the Nazis shoot up the room. Various heroes are shooting back at the Nazis and Stein manages to drag himself to the lever and pull it, getting shot again in the process. The breach to Earth-1 is now open and the Nazis destroyed. Jax rushes to Stein’s side as Sara yells for Barry to hurry up.

Outside, Barry and Ray Terrill combine their power to stop Red Tornado. The group rushes to Stein and Jax. Sara tells Jax to form Firestorm so Stein can be moved. Jax does and the group heads to Earth-1.

Kara wakes in the operating room to see Dark Arrow and Eobard Thawne. Felicity and Iris attempted to save her, but are now on the other side of the glass, unable to help. Thawne creepily talks to Kara and tries to start cutting her skin, but finds he cannot. It is Ray Palmer to the rescue. Shrunken Ray holds the knife and then pops back to normal size and knocks out Thawne and the other Nazis. He says the Legends got Felicity and Iris’s message that they needed help and they fill him in on the situation.

Dark Arrow and Thawne decide to send Overgirl elsewhere since the heroes got free. Dark Arrow says he will not leave without finding Kara and taking her heart for Overgirl.

Nate goes to the containment cells to free some heroes, while Amaya and Zari fight Nazis. When they all get together, Metallo arrives. The group works together and destroys Metallo.

Ray and Felicity are helping Kara when Dark Arrow appears. Ray is out of commission and Felicity stands in front of Kara. She talks about her family surviving the holocaust and says no way are any of heroes allowing Nazis to stay on their Earth.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Dark Arrow gets his bow ready, but Oliver appears with a knife at Overgirl’s throat. Dark Arrow is saved from making a decision because Thawne speeds in, taking him and Overgirl. Felicity and Oliver embrace and apologize to each other.

Legends of Tomorrow
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The team gets to the Waverider and Jax tells Gideon to fix Stein after unmerging. Caitlin Snow starts to help while Rory assures Jax that Stein will be okay, but then Jax collapses. Caitlin tells Nate and Rory that the Firestorm connection is what is keeping Stein alive, but it is draining Jax.

Barry and Iris reconnect and hug. Barry jokes that they should have eloped. Kara and Alex reunite as well and hug. Kara jokes that their problems seem less bad after fighting Nazi versions of themselves.

Rory grabs a drink, but Leo Snart takes it from him and Rory believes he is a ghost. Snart introduces himself and says there was a Rory on Earth-X as well. Rory learns his doppelganger died trying to save cops and is turned off from his drink.

Caitlin tries to comfort Jax but confesses to Ray that both are worse. Gideon cannot do anything and Caitlin knows at this rate Jax will die as well. Ray tries to stay positive, saying someone will figure out how to save his teammates.

Zari and Amaya take Curtis Holt to meet Ray Terrill. The women tell him the Nazis have their own Waverider and they want him to help find the ship. He looks at their readings and discovers Overgirl will destroy everything with a supernova if she does not get Kara’s heart.

Back in medical, Stein wakes and calls Jax over. Stein tells him to use Cisco’s potion to sever the Firestorm connection. Jax pleads with him, but Stein reiterates that he sees Jax as a son and wants him to have a life. They hold hands as Stein takes the cure. He tells Jax to tell his family he loves them, then thanks him for everything. Jax holds onto Stein, crying as he dies. Sara walks by and Jax tells her what happened. He leaves and she softly kisses Stein on the head.

In the following scenes, the heroes find out about Stein’s death. Iris goes to Barry and the two embrace. Cisco and Caitlin comfort each other. Ray looks at a picture of him and Stein with Amaya, Zari and Nate. He asks where Jax is and the scene turns to Jax arriving at Stein’s home. Jax knocks and Stein’s wife Clarissa opens the door. He tells her he is sorry and she falls into his arms crying. Lily, Stein’s daughter comes over and the three held each other while breaking down.

On the Nazi ship, the ship’s version of Gideon says Overgirl has an hour to get the transplant. Dark Arrow tells her not to listen to it and walks off to contact the heroes.

On the Waverider, Zari wears her new superhero suit as she and Amaya join the heroes on the bridge as they discuss their options. Dark Arrow contacts the group and says the Nazis will leave if they are given Supergirl. Oliver says no and hangs up. Ray says even though Stein is gone, they will defeat the Nazis trying to destroy his home. The others agree and get ready to go fight.

Legends of Tomorrow
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The Nazis start shooting people in the city. The superheroes arrive and Dark Arrow orders his fellow Nazis to attack. An epic fight scene occurs. The group on the ground fights the Nazis and gets citizens out of harm's way. Felicity, Iris, Cisco, and Wells stay on the Waverider and start chasing the Nazi ship. Barry and Dark Flash fight, Oliver fights Dark Arrow, and Kara flies up to the ship, enraging Overgirl and engaging her in battle.

Felicity announces someone has to be on the Nazi ship to take out their shields. Killer Frost holds onto Zari and Amaya as the three go to destroy the shields. They take out the Nazis and Felicity and Iris give them directions. Cisco hands over the Waverider to Wells and goes to vibe the team off the Nazi ship. Wells destroys the ship and Cisco and the team arrives back on the Waverider just in time.

On the ground, the heroes continue to fight. Barry bests Thawne but will not kill him and ends up letting him go. Thawne promises to meet him again, maybe with another face. In the air, Supergirl is still fighting Overgirl, who’s going nuclear. Wells tells Kara to fly Overgirl up as far as possible to protect the city.

Legends of Tomorrow
Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Kara flies Overgirl as far as she can and Overgirl explodes. Dark Arrow screams and goes to kill Oliver, but Oliver shoots an arrow into his chest. Kara falls from the sky, but Nate manages to catch her in his steel arms.

Ray Terrill and Snart get ready to go back to Earth-X via a breach opened by Cisco. Snart surprises Barry by pulling him in for a hug. Snart stops Ray and says he wants to stay on Earth-1 for a bit but will return home to him and Ray says okay. The two kiss and say their I love yous, then Ray walks into the breach.

Jax speaks at the funeral about what a wonderful man Stein was and goes to Clarissa and Lily to say sorry again. They tell him he is part of the family. The group shovels dirt onto the coffin and says their thanks yous to Stein.

After the funeral, Sara and Alex hug and talk about their relationships. Alex says she will take Sara’s advice stick to her instincts. Rory gets Sara and the Legends leave. Kara and Alex say goodbye to Oliver, Felicity, Iris, and Barry before heading back to their Earth. The couples talk about the wedding and Felicity mentions they know someone who is ordained.

Barry speeds, picks up Diggle and brings him back to the group. Diggle is on board and the group gets ready. Barry and Iris exchange lovely personalized wedding vows. Before Diggle can say its official, Felicity interrupts and asks if Diggle can marry them as well. Oliver agrees and the two say they cannot do better vows than Barry and Iris, and they already did some in the fake wedding they had before. Oliver does say a few words though and Diggle pronounces both couples married and they kiss.

Legends of Tomorrow has been so fun this season that this recap was difficult to write. Stein's death is sad but handled well. I enjoy seeing all the characters fight together. It is nice to see Wentworth Miller again and I am happy he is sticking around for at least another episode. While I like Felicity, interrupting Iris and Barry’s ceremony was not cool. Overall I think this was a great crossover event for the Arrowverse.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on The CW. Check out the preview for the next episode below.


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