Netflix's 'Bright' left around 60 makeup artists out of the end credits


As if the movie wasn't bad enough already...

Netflix’s Bright, directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis, hit streaming services this weekend. Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t watch it based on all the negatively publicity it's been getting and if you did watch it you probably ended up instantly regretting it (I did, at least).

Well, as if all the bad reviews that Bright has been getting wasn’t enough, here’s some more negative controversy — 60 employees who worked on the makeup for Bright have been omitted from the end credits.

The Oscar-winning effects company studio ADI released an official statement on the matter. “On rare occasions unintentional credit omissions are made,” it says. “When you see those never-ending lists of crew in the credits of a movie like Bright you can be guaranteed that mistakes are going to be made. That’s what happened to us. Our entire crew was left out of the credits.”

The statement continues: “We’re having the necessary conversations about getting it rectified (it’s streaming, right? seems like a do-able fix) but until we get a resolution, we thought we’d post the complete list of the incredible folks who worked on ADI’s crew.”

The real kicker? Bright, despite the reviews, is on a shortlist for the contenders in Best Makeup & Hairstyling at the Oscars this year. That means, should it get nominated or win, the film initially failed to recognize those responsible for that achievement.

That’s pretty bad. We get it, mistakes happen all the time and such, and this shouldn’t be treated as a death sentence. Yet, 60 people is a lot of people, especially when the makeup is one of the better parts about the film.

Read the full list of the studioADI crew members by clicking here, and check out our review for Bright (it ain’t pretty) by clicking here.

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