Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt in talks to reboot 'Mad About You'

Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, MAD ABOUT YOU

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt may be on board to reboot their '90s sitcom Mad About You for a limited run.

According to TVLine, SONY has started talking to the stars about doing a present-day look at the lives of their characters Paul and Jamie as they face life as their daughter Mabel goes to college.

Reiser had hinted at a reboot doing press for Stranger Things, telling People, “For years, I would’ve said, ‘Absolutely no. We never would do it,’ because I was very proud of how we ended it really well. We even told the future a little bit, so our thinking at the time was, ‘Let’s make sure we never get tempted to come back. Let’s tell them what happens.’”

Similar to the conundrum Roseanne is facing killing a main character during their finale, Mad About You ended with a fast forward 22 years into the future, in essence closing off any chance for a comeback. However, Will and Grace's reboot successfully pulled off their flashforward this past fall, making the ending a dream instead of reality.

While the sitcom reboots are doing well with their original cast members, the drama reboots such as MacGyver and S.W.A.T. are also seeing success with their new casts and updated storylines. Maybe another reboot could work.

What do you think about Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt coming back for more Mad About You? Are you enjoying the reboots you've seen so far? Or do you think the reboots and origin stories are too much? Tell us below!

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