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Pokémon GO releases 55 new Pokémon in Gen. 3 launch

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Gotta catch em all.

Pokémon GO has officially launched their Gen. 3, as of Dec. 10, releasing 55 new Pokémon out into the wild, waiting to be hunted down and caught.

These Pokémon come from the Ruby and Sapphire era of the popular game, with another 100 promised to also be released in the new future.

The three new starters, according to Forbes, are Treecko (grass type), Torchic (fire type) and Mudkip (water type). Other examples of new Pokémon that fans will surely recognize include Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Makuhita, Hariyama, Mawile and Absol.

Pokémon Go
credit: Youtube

Along with the new Pokémon, Gen. 3 also introduces new updates to the system as well.

One of these updates is weather effects. Pokémon GO now is in sync with your local weather conditions, equating to 25% more Stardust when Pokémon are caught. There is also specific animation that goes along with the weather. They included a weather icon to tell you what the conditions are, so you can catch accordingly.

They’ve also included Battle Parties, a new feature that allows players to save six Pokémon to be your personal go-to picks when in battle. In addition, Pokémon storage has been increased to 1500 maximum.

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Lastly, the new generation has introduced a charge attack, giving it a button in order to make it easy to hit during battles.

The new changes seem to be going over well with the fans and dedicated players. Paul Tassi, of Forbes, writes “Gen 3 is great because well, Ruby / Sapphire was a great era for Pokémon design, and these creatures look absolutely gorgeous when rendered by Niantic for Go. But I also like the staggered release. It dumps just enough Gen 3 Pokémon into the game to get players playing, but doesn’t drown out everything else with 150 new ones right away.”

Happy hunting!

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