Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey reunite in Kinsey's baking web series

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“I just wanna be friends. Plus a little extra. Also, I love you.”

Last time we saw Dwight and Angela Schrute was shortly after their wedding, sitting around Dunder Mifflin reminiscing about old times in The Office finale. Now, they’ve been reunited on-screen again (sort of) as actor Rainn Wilson (who plays Dwight) appeared on Angela Kinsey’s web series.

Kinsey host the show — Baking With Josh & Ange — with her husband Joshua Synder. The channel was started about a year ago and currently has over 20,000 subscribers.

This episode, entitled “Baking Vegan with Rainn Wilson,” features instructions on how to make vegan avocado brownies. Wilson — who himself is a vegan — helped by mixing ingredients, even though Synder did most of the work.

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“It’s funny, we made this little TV comedy that became this big hit. People love the characters, it’s great,” Wilson said in the video. “It’s opened so many doors, I’ve gotten to meet fascinating people.”

In-between cooking, Wilson and Kinsey talked about comments they get post The Office, saying that fans often ask if they’re married in real life. They also talked about Wilson’s work with LIDE Haiti — a nonprofit organization that helps with earthquake relief in Haiti.

“I have so many favorite scenes,” Wilson said when asked what his favorite Dwight and Angela scene was. “I loved dancing at our wedding when I lifted you up and your feet were off the ground. That was pretty awesome.”

Wilson and Kinsey also appeared together two weeks ago on the late-night show Conan. Wilson, according to TubeFilter, is a seasoned online video vet who appears on multiple channels thanks to his work with SoulPancake — a media company with some unique policies.

Watch the full video of “Baking Vegan with Rain Wilson” here, and let us know what you’re favorite Dwight and Angela moment in The Office was in the comments below.

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