Robin Wright to take over as lead from Kevin Spacey in final 'House of Cards' season

Netflix, house of cards, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey

Frank Underwood’s presidency has officially come to an end.

Netflix has announced that they will be moving forward with the sixth and final season of House of Cards without Kevin Spacey, placing Robin Wright as the lead instead.

The decision, now made official, had been rumored for some time Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp went public with allegations of unwanted sexual assault from Spacey on Oct. 29. Production on the House of Cards set had been shut down ever since, as Media Rights Capital investigated the situation.

Now, the political drama series is expected to resume production sometime in early 2018, with Spacey’s character being written out completely.

Netflix, house of cards, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey
Credit: Netflix

Instead, the season will focus on Claire Underwood (Wright), Frank’s partner in crime. The switch in narratives isn’t as difficult as it may sound — Frank’s character dies in the novel written by Michael Dobbs that the series is based on. The fifth season of House of Cards also, luckily, ended by hinting that Claire might be taking charge of things instead of Frank.

“We’re really excited about bringing some closure to the show for fans,” chief content officer of Netflix Ted Sarandos said via Variety.

The final season will consist of eight episodes, instead of the typical 13 episodes that seasons one through five consisted of.

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Netflix has also scrapped the feature film Gore, which starred Spacey in the lead role. They have also parted ways with Louis C.K. following allegations against him. Additionally, Spacey’s character has also been written out of Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World — in which he was replaced by Christopher Plummer just weeks before the film was set to debut.

House of Cards was one of Netflix’s original flagship series, making people take streaming content’s original properties in a much more serious manner. It debuted back in 2013 and now has a total of 46 Emmy nominations and six wins.

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