Shop your favorite YouTuber's merch for the holidays

YouTuber Merch, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Roman Atwood, Pewdiepie

Whether you watch them on YouTube or not, merch from social influencers like Jake Paul, Roman Atwood, Wassabi Productions is widely seen. Merch was one of the major reasons Jake Paul went to Houston after Harvey to help out - a little girl wearing one of his Ts had been flooded out of her home with her family.

It also helps fans identify with their YouTube heroes, feel like they are part of the crew and tell the world who they support.

And speaking of support, before you start buying the coveted merch, make sure you know who the person you're buying for likes. Buying a Logangster a Jake Pauler t-shirt will kill your street cred for eternity - if not longer. I mean, you'd never give someone who plays Donkey Kong Super Mario gear, right!?

Not sure which YouTuber to be buying? It's usually just as simple as saying the word YouTube out loud to get a rant going.

Click next to see some fan favorites and where to find them.

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