‘Stranger Things 2’ season finale recap: ‘The Gate’

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In this episode of Stranger Things, Will and Eleven finally reunite with a passionate embrace. Hopper reveals that Eleven has been staying with him. Mike is angry but understands. Eleven reunites with the rest of the gang and finally sees Will. Joyce suggests that Eleven opened The Gate once and she has the power to close it. We also notice that the Demogorgons are lurking near the opening of The Gate…

Hopper tells them that The Gate is even bigger than before. They fear that closing The Gate will kill The Mind Flayer who is currently inside Will. They realize that the Mind Flayer likes it cold. They decide to take it somewhere it isn’t familiar and expose it to extreme heat. The plan is in motion. Jonathan, Nancy and Joyce will take Will and try to free him of the Mind Flayer. Hopper and Eleven are heading to Hawkins Lab to close The Gate. Steve and the rest of the gang will hang out “on the bench.”

Eleven and Hopper have an emotional talk and make amends while they are on the way to Hawkins Lab. Steve and the gang are hanging out at the Byers house. They place D’Art in the fridge and are then visited by Billy. He is looking for Max and confronts Steve. These two final have the fight that has been building all season. Billy knocks down Steve and attacks Lucas when Max sedates him and steals the keys to his car.

Nancy, Jonathan and Joyce arrive at Hopper’s cabin to try and draw the Mind Flayer out of Will. They crank up the heat and it immediately makes the Mind Flayer/Will uncomfortable. Eleven and Hopper arrive at Hawkins Lab and find an injured Dr. Owens. Steve wakes up in the car and realizes the gang is driving to the infected tunnels to lure the Demogorgons away from Hawkins Lab.

Steve reluctantly joins them as they go into the Upside Down infected tunnels. This is the hectic part of the episode. They find the center of the tunnels and started soaking them in gasoline. Will is becoming violently angry and they notice the Mind Flayer creeping through Will. They continue to turn the heat up. Eleven and Hopper continue into the lab. Steve tosses his lighter and lights the tunnels on fire.

Whew. The Mind Flayer finally leaves Will and goes off into the night. Will is back to normal and reunites with Jonathan and Joyce. Dustin and the gang are leaving when he runs into D’Art. They share a bonding moment which allows them to escape the tunnels. Eleven starts to close The Gate as the Demogorgons start trying to stop her. Hopper fends them off and Eleven uses all of the strength she has gained from the traumatic experiences she has endured. The Mind Flayer tries best to fight her off but Eleven uses all of her powers in an epic shot to close The Gate and hopefully end the threat of the Upside Down.

One Month Later.

Murray Bauman is laughing as he watches authorities close down Hawkins Lab. Barb is also given the proper funeral she deserves. Hopper meets with Dr. Owens and he gives Hopper a birth certificate showing that Eleven is now his daughter.

It is time for the Hawkins Middle Snow Ball ’84 Dance. The gang all arrive and it’s time for the awkward middle school dances. Lucas and Max dance and share a quick kiss. Will gets a dance while Dustin struggles to find a partner. Nancy helps him out by dancing with him and also making him look cool. Mike and Eleven dance and share a kiss. It seems everything is nice and normal in Hawkins, Indiana.

Everything is normal for now, but we know it won’t last long. We go into the Upside Down and see that the Mind Flayer is still alive and is ominously looming over Hawkins Middle…

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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