Terminix helps keep pests out of your pantry

Have you ever reached for the flour in your pantry and came out with a gross larvae-filled mess?  Well, it happens pretty often and is not only icky, but it is also costly as a lot of good food has to get thrown out because of bugs.  Pests can easily find their way into kitchens and pantries, but everyone can do a few things to lessen the likelihood of finding creepy crawly things hiding in your food stuffs. Terminix can help.

Some of the most common kitchen pests are moths and ants.  However, people should take a look in their pantries and be on the lookout for signs that these unwelcome pests.

What should you be looking for to make sure your kitchen and pantry are bug-free?  Well, first and foremost, check grains for larvae and if you see them, immediately throw them out.  If it seems like you have a full infestation, call a professional like the team at Terminix to help you get rid of these pests for good.  After you are sure your items are bug free, be sure to store items in air tight containers to keeping your home pest free.

Angela Tucker and Steve Kuhse, both entomologists with Terminix spoke with Michelle Tompkins for TheCelebrityCafe.com and gave helpful tips on how to help keep pests out of your kitchen, how to identify common pantry pests, what dangers they could bring into your home, what foods they are most attracted to, what steps to take if there is a problem, how Terminix can help and more.

Terminix can help you. For more information go here.

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