The all time greatest performances from Steve Carell

Awards season is in full swing, and this year comedic and dramatic actor Steve Carell is getting buzz for his role as Bobby Riggs in Battle of the Sexes.

Steve Carell
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Born on August 16, 1992, Steve Carell first made a name for himself in the world of comedy — starring in shows like Over the Top and The Dana Carvey Show. He first got his big break when being cast in a supporting role in Bruce Almighty, then turning into the comedic legend as we know him today.

Carell isn’t just capable of comedy, though. In recent years, he’s taken on a variety of different roles that have proven his skills as a dramatic actor as well — hence the awards talk.

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We’re listing our top 10 all-time favorite roles Steve Carell has played in the past, both humorous and serious.

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