Christmas carols you need to listen to this season

Originally published December 2013

Parts of the population celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. To celebrate this, religious people across the world sing Christmas carols.

To understand why the carols are so great, one needs to understand the background behind them.

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If you don’t know the story of the first Christmas, here is an abridged version.

Mary got pregnant when she was not married to Joseph. God came to her and said that Mary’s baby was his son and that Mary’s shouldn’t be frightened.

When people heard about it, they were pretty excited. However, when Mary was really pregnant, the couple had to travel back to their home for the census. On the way there, Mary said that she was about to have the baby. So, the two stopped at an inn and an innkeeper said that the inn was full but the barn in the back was free. So, Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in a barn.

Meanwhile, an angel came to some shepherds and told them that Jesus was being born and he would save the world. So, the shepherds followed the stars and found Jesus in the barn. The same thing happened with Three Wise Men, also known as the magi. The wise men gold, Frankincense and myrrh to give to Jesus because they believed He was a King.

Obviously, there is more to the birth of Jesus Christ. There is an old lady finally having a baby and a really angry king. If you want to know more, you can check out the bible.

The birth of Jesus is important to those who worship God and his Son. The Christmas carols are sung to celebrate the miracle that happened that day. These carols are sung at Christmas Eve services at churches and to neighbors and friends.

Carols are different than Christmas songs in that, each song has a different meaning and a different way to celebrate Jesus’ birth. There are multiple songs celebrating that. Below are the ten best well-known Christmas carols.

If you have another favorite, let us know below.

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