Top 10 career defining roles from actor Ewan McGregor

Born on March 31, 1917, Ewan McGregor is one of those actors who can do it all. Whether it’s comedy, science-fiction, drama or even musicals, McGregor has become a chameleon in the acting world as he’s able to blend in and adapt to whatever genre he’s cast in.

Ewan McGregor
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This year, Ewan McGregor has been getting awards buzz for his role on the FX television series Fargo.

He’s had a long and successful resumé up to this role, including many career-defining roles that really show off his true acting rage.

So, in order to celebrate Ewan McGregor’s award buzz, we’re counting down ten of his roles that have defined his career — because he’s known for so much more than just holding a lightsaber.

Here’s our list:

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