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Top 10 YouTube covers of favorite Christmas songs

Originally published November 2016

Ready to get into the spirit of the holidays!

The best part about holidays coming are they pass quickly in time for the runner-up. As always in prior months, as well as months to come, the celebrations and festivities just keep coming! First, there was Halloween, then Thanksgiving and now a Happy Holidays with Christmas.

youtube, christmas, songs, coversWith all these back-to-back celebrations, it's a miracle that we're even able to fit into our jeans anymore! Even if this is true, it's not like we're going to stop celebrating the good times anyway, right? Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can all focus on Christmas by hanging stockings, mistletoe and even decorating the tree.

If nothing else, it will keep us moving with something to look forward to. The best way to share that holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear. This way not only will you be happy but it could spread the joy to someone else as well.

Here's a list of top 10 covers of Christmas songs that have been uploaded to YouTube.

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