Twitch star Meghan Tobin raises $11,200 worth of toys for charity this Christmas

Meghan Tobin

Meghan Tobin, better known as Sinfully Riddling on the Twitch community, has used her social media platforms to help raise money for charity — and a lot of it.

Over the course of a 10-hour broadcast earlier this month, Tobin has collected a total of 43 shopping carts full of toys, according to TubeFilter. These toys will be given to the charity Toys For Tots — a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserves that distributes toys to children who’s parents can’t afford them.

This is the second year that Tobin has put on this fundraiser, last year having raised around $7,000. This year she decided to up the ante, placing a goal of $10,000 — which she more than surpassed. Total, she raised roughly $11,200 worth of toys this year.

Meghan Tobin shared the charity stream video on her Twitch, which she has 43,000 subscribers on. In the video, Tobin can be seen playing video-game walkthroughs, dancing to some Christmas-themed music, interacting with her fans and spreading plenty of Christmas cheer.

A 26-minute long vlog chronicling the whole event and actual toy delivery was also posted, which you can watch on Twitch by clicking here.

“We’re just about to go out to Toys-R-Us,” Tobin says in the video, “the same one as last year, to get as many toys as we can with this money. […] Before we head out I do want to say a big thank you to all the people who donated. The entire stream was insane, it was just donation after donation, and you guys are going to see here today how many lives you really are affecting.”

She went on: “It affects a lot of families who would not be having a Christmas otherwise, so you guys are literally changing the lives of so many kids and so many families and I couldn’t be prouder of our amazing community. I’m so excited and grateful that I get to do things like this.”

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