Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann is developing a follow-up app


We still miss Vine too.

It’s been a little over a year now since Twitter shut down Vine — the social media app where people uploaded hilarious six-second long videos. A long, difficult year as we cope its loss, but a year nevertheless.

However, there’s some good news: One of the co-founders of Vine, Dom Hofmann, has announced that he’s working on some sort of follow-up app.

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He posted a series of Tweets confirming the news. They don’t contain any detail as to what the app will include, but he does mention that he’s funding it himself as an outside project.

Let the speculation as to what all that means begin. Hofmann has declined to comment anything further than this, meaning we don’t even know if this app will be short-video based like Vine was or whether it will be more elaborate.

This is not, however, the same thing as Hofmann’s other project called Interspace, according to Tube Filter. We’re not entirely sure what Interspace is going to consist of either, but at least that one has a website (sort of) up and running.

Twitter originally purchased Vine in 2012 for $30, according to a report by Business Insider. Hofmann left the app in 2014 to work on a different app called Byte.

Since we don’t yet know any specifics of what Hofmann’s latest project is going to be, remember the good ole days by enjoying this video of some best Vines in the meantime.

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