36 hottest gingers right now!

Redheads may make up only about two percent of the population, but they have a habit of sticking out.  People who love redheads absolutely love red hair and seek them out.  They have a power that can make you weak in the knees.


sam hueghan, outlander, gingers, redheadTo be fair, there are two men on this list who may not be the most legitimate redheads on the planet, however, their hair color is essential to their roles and their fans love them for it.  It would be a sin not to count them and it is a safe bet that if you are a lover of hot redheads, these two honorary gingers would make your list too.

Benedict Cumberbatch could have, but even though he has admitted to having auburn hair with streaks of red in it, but he denied his ginger roots, so his ginger denial caused him to maybe miss the cut.

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