'American Crime Story: Versace' recap: 'Manhunt'


It's getting better and better.

American Crime Story: Versace has released the second episode of the season entitled “Manhunt” and hoo boy, what a doozy. Seriously, we’re probably going to be having nightmarish flashbacks to Andrew dancing in his underwear to Phil Collins from now until the rest of eternity.

That being said, the season is getting better and better with every outing — and we’re only on episode two. What could possibly still be in store for us during the rest of the season?

The episode starts with Versace in the hospital, alive this time (they jump around in the timeline a lot, which can get a little confusing). We’re not told the exact reason why Versace has been brought to the hospital, but we know it’s for some sort of serious treatment. The obvious answer — and the one the show seems to be hinting at — is AIDS, but the Versace family has repeatedly said that Gianni Versace was HIV negative.

Nevertheless, Versace has some kind of life-threatening disease, and it’s got him in a real dour mood. He sits with both Antonio and Donatella, reflecting on how everything could have to lead up to this.

Antonio and Donatella seem to hate each other, by the way. Donatella seems perfectly fine with blaming every single thing that goes wrong in Gianni’s life on Antonio, as she won’t give him a single moment of respect.

That’s because she knows what’s up — Gianni loves Antonio. Antonio says he loves Gianni as well, but constantly brings home other men to sleep with. Gianni only goes along with it to keep Antonio around and happy. It’s somewhat of a toxic relationship, to say the least.

That’s why Donatella wastes no time in kicking Antonio to the curb after Gianni is murdered. Back in the present, she tells him that, now that Gianni is dead, there’s no need for the two of them to pretend anymore.

Versace’s funeral then follows. While he was shot in the face, the mortician actually does a pretty good job to make Gianni’s body look decent — making it all the more difficult for Donatella to look at. The body is then cremated and the ashes are put in a gold box.

Then we jump back to 1996. Again. Andrew is on the run (which can get confusing, because he’s on the run for murdering Lee Miglin at this point. Versace is still alive.) in a red pickup truck. He stops at Walmart to steal someone’s license plate, then has a pretty incredible scene in which he’s passionately singing “Gloria” while driving to Miami.

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With a fake passport and an attitude that’s far too polite for someone who just murdered someone, he checks into a motel before promptly visiting Versace’s home. The door is locked, but we know Andrew has a gun in his backpack and his intentions are all too clear.

Back in the present, and the FBI are trying to figure out how this all happened. Cunanan had been a wanted suspect for some time now, but they’ve constantly paid him little mind as the FBI has tried to distance themselves from the Miami homosexual scene. Detective Lori Weider (Dascha Polanco) calls them out on this, as it looks like she’ll be the one leading the investigation from here on out.

Back in 1996, Andrew makes a new friend — Ronnie (Max Greenfield. Yes, that’s Schmidt from New Girl, but this role is COMPLETELY different and we love it). Ronnie is somewhat of an odd character. Despite being HIV-positive, he’s rather clingy — which is why he latches on to Andrew so fast.

Andrew doesn’t necessarily mind, but he can’t have Ronnie following him everywhere he goes. Especially when he’s up to such shady stuff — which brings on the most memorable scene of the season thus far. Andrew has a habit of being an escort for older, wealthy men. He scores a new customer and is brought back to the man’s hotel room, which is when the man says that “he can be submissive.”


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Cue the duct tape. Cunanan wraps it around the man’s entire face — to the point where he can’t breathe. The man struggles and begs to be cut loose, but Andrew begins performing a dance routine — while being practically naked the whole time — and tells him to “Accept.” Eventually, Andrew cuts him lose, but the man is obviously pretty shaken by the whole thing (can you blame him???).

Cut back to Versace. He spends some time arguing with Donatella arguing over the size of his models and certain kinds of dresses. Later, we see him with Antonio — who is finally coming around to commitment. It all eventually leads to Antonio saying he wants to marry Gianni, FINALLY.

Ronnie and Andrew aren’t having the same kind of connection, though (although, to Ronnie’s credit, he seems to think they are). While sitting in a hotel room, Ronnie opens up and asks Andrew if he wants to open a florist shop. Andrew clearly isn’t interested. He’s got bigger plans for his life.

He blows by Ronnie, headed to a pawn shop to sell a gold coin he stole from the duct tape man (that poor, poor guy). While walking by Versace’s house, he spies him leaving to a nightclub and realizes this is his chance. He grabs his gun and heads after him, only after first being recognized from America’s Most Wanted by a gas station employee.

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Versace and Cunanan don’t end up seeing each other at the club. Instead, a man slyly approaches Cunanan, hoping to buy him a drink. He asks Andrew who he is, and after a lengthy response in which he rattles off every profession imaginable, Cunanan finally says, “I’m the person least likely to be forgotten.”

And that’s how you end an episode.

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