'Black Panther' is tracking for somewhere around $120 million debut weekend

And that's about as specific as we can be for now.

If you're anything like us, you’re dying to see Marvel’s Black Panther when it hits theaters on Feb. 16. The rest of the country is also apparently dying to see it as well, as the superhero epic is on track to make somewhere around $120 on its opening weekend.

Different tracking sites are placing reporting different opening numbers. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety say that early release surveys have it pegged between $100-$120 million, while Deadline is reporting it will be closer to $120-$150 million.

These numbers are considering the four-day weekend, since the following Monday is President's Day, making it a holiday weekend.

Regardless, Black Panther is now almost guaranteed to come in north of $100 million. Early tracking numbers have also never been the most accurate indications of what a film will make opening weekend — Stephen King’s It was projected to make around $70 million and came in closer to $120 — meaning Black Panther could potentially make even more than these reports are saying.

The pre-sale tickets for Black Panther seem to indicate that that’s a real possibility, as they out-sold the number of advance tickets Captain America: Civil War made within the first 24 hours.

Tracking also showed that 83% of people had a total awareness to Black Panther, 35% had unaided awareness and 56% had definite awareness, according to Variety.

Should Black Panther come in around the $120-$130 million opening weekend mark, it’ll be slightly above par with Marvel’s latest outings of Spider-Man: Homecoming — which made $117 million opening weekend — and Thor: Ragnarok — which made $122 million.

An opening this big would also easily become the biggest opening of 2018 to date. In order to beat Deadpool, which currently holds the record for highest opening in February, it has to make over $152.1 million over the four days (which is not out of the realm of possibility).

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