FreeStyle Libre: FDA approved digital diabetes technology [INTERVIEW]

The days of finger pricks may be a thing of the past for the 30 million Americans who are living with diabetes as FreeStyle Libre, a new wearable glucose monitoring system is now available.  This device may revolutionize the treatment of this serious condition that affects how one’s body uses blood sugar.

The FDA just approved FreeStyle Libre, a new continuous glucose monitor that uses digital technology to take the pain out of this life-saving method of checking blood sugar.  The traditional finger pricks are important to monitoring one’s sugar levels, but they are painful and so some people risk their health and avoid doing them.

The FreeStyle Libre is a small device that attaches to one’s arm and has a separate monitor that updates every few minutes so they can be fully aware of his or her glucose levels, without the painful, frequent finger sticks.  By using this device and forgoing the finger sticks, people may be less likely to skip monitoring their glucose levels and will manage their diabetes better.

Not properly monitoring diabetes has consequences on all areas of the body and includes heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness foot ulcers and sometimes even death.

Endocrinologist Dr. Maria Tulpan and Cher Pastore, a Certified Diabetes Educator spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about diabetes, how FreeStyle Libre works, how it this new wearable technology transforms the way people with diabetes manage their condition and more.

See the full interview here:

FreeStyle Libre may be found here.


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