Jody Giachello (4D) releases second in series jazz fusion/crossover album, 'Millennial Kingdom, Vol. 2'

'Millennial Kingdom, Vol. 2' Album Cover, Jody Giachello

Multi-dimensional drummer 4th Dimension (4D) aka Jody Giachello unleashes in his latest project, Millennial Kingdom, Vol. 2, a two-part concept-series based on a multi-dimensional war between light vs. darkness that anticipates a new world order harkening to an end of an era and the beginning of a new age, known as the Millennial Kingdom.

When the Long Beach resident is not focused on his solo material, Giachello is performing for other acts like HAIM onstage national as well as international festivals.  He has performed on SNL, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Graham Norton, Jools Holland, Ellen, and BBC Radio 1.

Giachello’s new highly anticipated and subliminal jazz fusion/crossover jazz album opens up with “Super Nova” that right from the start elicits wafts of electric electronic execution being deliberately defined by expertly rendered drumming.  Jazzy synthesizers give the track an atmospheric and ambient feel.  The great jazzy flair and outcome coming from the rhythmic bassline give a steady pulsating feel to the track.  An epic guitar solo sounds off in the song, giving the track an electric appeal.  Filled with smooth jazzy layers, melodious keys jazz out the outcome of this track with a cascade of harmonious piano keys joining in with the clashing sounds of drums.

“Centrifuge” opens up with the dynamic sounds on the synths, giving the track an ambient air.  The drums add to the overall thrust and pull with a raging backbeat to the rhythms section.  Soaring electronic beats combined with the sounds on guitar create a wall of effects.  Melodious keys also add to the drama of the song.

“Har Megiddo (Armageddon)” is paved by electric electronic beats and is being supported by insanely fast drums.  The ambient synths sound off on the track with a sense of desperation of the track, a gloomy approach is evident.  With imageries of a scorched and decimated earth, hauntingly ominous undertones within the track courses over the rapid sure-fire drumming beat that adds an interesting energized layer to the song.

On “Oblivion,” the demanding sounds of a rhythm-heavy bassline and soaring electronic beats pave this track along with the dramatic drums.   Epic-sounding and theatrical, there is definitely an operatic appeal to the song.  An epic guitar solo sounds off midway into the track with a bassline that gives a rhythmic pulse to the track.

With an atmospheric pull to “Triumph (Return Of The King),” the track relies upon an ethereal and haunting feel.  Trumpets go on to add a jazzy layer to the track with the sounds of victory embedded into the song.  The drums also add a distinct jazzy element to the track as well.

“Revelation (Millennial Kingdom)” opens up with ambient-sounding synths with certain blips and bleeps from the technological fare.  Supported by the sure-fire rapid drumming in the background of the song, epic-striding guitars join in to create a wall of sound.

Jody Giachello creates some radio-active soundscapes that will definitely electrify the senses and add a distinct flavor to your musical palette.  With a unique sound that blends jazz fusion with electronic music, these epic renderings fully elicit an operatic feel.

Giachello readily implements another dimension to his music, igniting and taking his listeners on an essential journey through time and space.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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