'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' is getting a sequel, potentially battling 'Star Wars 9' at the box office

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Making a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is pretty much a no-brainer, considering the movie has already made over $772 million at the worldwide box office. But putting it up against Star Wars: Episode IX at the box office in 2019? That seems like a risky move.

To be fair, the second Jumanji film really is doing bonkers numbers at the box office as it has certainly managed to hold its own against Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The holiday release date definitely has something to do with that, and is clearly the reason why Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman would be looking at a similar time to release Jumanji 3.

It’s whether or not audiences will return to Jumanji instead of seeing Star Wars that has us wondering. Granted, Star Wars has already been slated for Dec. 20 of 2019 and Jumanji has yet to chose an exact date — meaning they might not land on the exact same day — but the two films will attract similar audience members, and therefore will be competing head-to-head.

“From early on looking at the footage, it was clear this was a Christmas movie families would want to see together,” Rothman said when asked about the choice of release dates via ComingSoon.net. “I thought we could spit in the giant’s eye.”

Someone had to come along and dethrone Star Wars from their monopoly on December’s box-office, I suppose. I just never would have expected Jumanji to be the franchise to do it.

Yet, this movie seems to have something that keeps audiences coming back, as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle passed Skyfall’s box-office earlier this week, becoming Sony’s most profitable film other than Spider-Man to date.

Jumanji is a brand that is remembered fondly, but the fact that the last movie came out long ago gave us a freedom to make it feel fresh for a new generation,” producer Matt Tolmach said about the film via Movie Web.

No details about the Jumanji sequel have yet to be revealed, as the movie is still waiting for an official green-light.

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