K-Pop's first openly gay star puts sexuality front and center in 'Neverland' video

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K-Pop star Holland just dropped his first single, "Neverland," with a music video that showcases LGBTQ love.

Everything is so different than I thought/But isn't it natural/The words that I've heard until now, the words were repeated because I don't want to be heard/Now, we don't have to listen. I think we can do that.

The young star is Korea's first openly gay K-Pop artist in a country where homosexuality is frowned upon and same-sex marriage is not legal.

In "Neverland" he sings about wanting to show love openly and without discrimination.

Living life for own my way/It's me after all, I will not cry in Wonderland/I only know the end/Teenage dream follow my future

Holland is not Korea's only openly gay artist. According to The Daily Dot, Alt-R&B artist MRSHLL openly addressed his sexuality when he came out last year.

K-Pop fans have been looking for more diversity, so while Holland doesn't have a large agency backing to promote his work, his message caught on even as he was teasing the song's release. Not only did Neverland garner over 700,000 views in its first 24 hours, according to Billboard, #HollandDebutDay became a worldwide trend on Twitter as K-pop fans showed their love and support for the message.

Holland's "Neverland" video has now been viewed over 2 million times. Check it out for yourself below and tell us what you think.

**NOTE TO OUR READERS** The video below is flagged with a 19+ rating

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