Kylie Jenner gets baby furniture while rumors she's Kim's surrogate explode

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Kylie Jenner has been coy about not commenting on her pregnancy, but recent photos taken outside her Hidden Hills mansion showed men assembling what looks to be baby furniture tell their own story.

Kylie herself has kept speculation open with odd full body photos early on in the pregnancy along with a post showing a tampon purchase during a girls trip.

Other indicators of Kylie laying low are her Instagram feed, which has recently been featuring headshots, Lip Kit marketing and bulky clothing like the pic below.

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The model also missed the traditional family Christmas portrait, where sister Khloe showed her own baby bump and has been frequently missing from Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well.

Fans are avidly endorsing the theory that Kylie was Kim and Kanye's surrogate, something that was speculated early on when rumors of her pregnancy started.

Comments about the amount of pink in Kylie's IG posts came up, since Kim had a girl, with thoughts that the pink was not a tease for Kylie's own child but for her niece. Khloe's having a boy, which rules out a general theme of girliness.

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Fueling the rumors even more is the TMZ update that the pic of Kylie at a CVS near where Kim's surrogate gave birth was not in fact her.

This comment on Twitter from Kev-Prince Kombi kinda sums up how we're all feeling about this odd silence and Kylie's disappearance:

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