Logan Paul takes break from vlogging after controversial suicide video

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Just days after Logan Paul posted a video about finding a body in Japan's Suicide Forest, he is taking some time off from vlogging to "reflect."

Logan took down the video, which YouTube left up without a warning, after harsh criticism from fans, fellow vloggers and other celebrities.

Even PewDiePie, who has been caught in his own scandal on YouTube says what Logan did was, "So distasteful, so disrespectful, so stupid." He even mocks Logan's comment that there are kids in the parking lot to the forest that could have seen the body, "Oh there's kids, just like all the kids watching your vlogs, Logan. Which you showed it anyway. What are you saying, that's your audience right there."

Click the link here to watch the video, there are scenes from Logan's original video in his comments that should not be seen by young viewers.

Other YouTubers took to social media to express their disappointment with Logan's vlog.


His fans continue to support him, something Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey speaks out about, saying, "If we f*ck up, we f*ck up and we should be treated that way."

Logan issued two apologies, one via video, before he decided to take a break from the blogosphere.

Not before he monetized his apology though. He made at least 12K by apologizing to his fans, the public and the world.

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As more information comes out, if you supported Logan Paul's decision to post a video of a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara forest, do you still feel the same? Tell us below.

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