Nintendo Labo - Cardboard toys for a digital world

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As the world becomes more and more digital Nintendo is taking a step back with their new line of toys for the Switch, Labo.

Labo is a set of do-it-yourself cardboard accessories to make a child's Switch controller into a fishing rod, a piano, robot suit and more. Once built, the Labo opens games to play with what they've built. Each building kit comes with a cartridge with building instructions and the games.

Once connected to the Joy-Con controller, the Labo project becomes a digitally augmented toy. The infrared camera on the controller sees reflective strips of tape on the projects and knows what you're doing with what project.

The best news for parents is the individual parts are replaceable and can be held together with glue or tape, removing the need for costly replacements.

The Labo kits come out this April and start at $69.99.

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