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#OneChicago's Ship Showdown winner is...

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While we were missing Chicago Fire, Med and PD, NBC let us have some fun with their #OneChicago Ship Showdown.

Missed the action? The question was simple - which couple do you ship?

As we reported, the final four couples were Chicago Fire's Matt Casey and Gabriella Dawson, Chicago PD's Antonio Dawson and Chicago Fire's Sylvie Brett, Chicago PD's Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess and Chicago Med's Will Halstead and Natalie Manning.

The final votes are now in and we can tell you #Brettonio is the fan favorite to ship.

The Chicago Fire/PD couple broke up last season, but we still have high hopes for them, with the lingering looks they still give each other.

Sounds like One Chicago writers need to get busy working things out between Brett and Dawson!

Are you happy with the winners? Tell us below!


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