Pop/hip hop artist Yaysh establishes a downtempo dance vibe on her latest single, "Daep"

"Daep" Single Cover, Yaysh

Pop/hip-hop artist Yaysh brings to the table her own ingenuity of hip-hop.  Authentic as well as refreshing, Yaysh eradicates herself from the masses by producing unique music with originality and with a polished finesse that has so far prompted her into the limelight.

Coined as a hybrid artist, this leaves little room for the pop/hip-hop singer to be pigeon-holed in.

This is an eye-opening artist.  With one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the hip hop world, rapping about the mainstream, she is an LBGTQ rights advocate, a meditative yogi, and a staunch student of Shambhala Buddhism.  Her name as she fully quips means wisdom with swag (derived from the Tibetan term Yeshe, which means fully developed wisdom).  And Yaysh’s persona is definitely filled with swag – the versatile artist’s pipes are brimming with sass and attitude.

The hip-hop artist is releasing her latest single, entitled, “Daep,” which is encompassed by a slow-burning dance vibe.  This down-tempo track has Yaysh repeatedly mentioning the title to this track which translated means “beautiful” in Vietnamese.  Entrancing, there is a hypnotic quality evident to this single.  A mesmerizing song, simple electronic arrangements go on to pave the track.  With a minimal electronic beat, Yaysh dynamically raps with an energized hip-hop style.  Sung with sass and attitude, this haunting composition definitely has a deep-treading vibe.

Yaysh doles out her perspective filled with confidence, spirituality, sexuality and a whole lot of sass on her latest single, “Daep.”  Her music is poignant, brimming with accessibility and a fresh stance.

Keep your eyes open for this brand new artist on the rise.  With plans for a series of singles, videos and EP’s throughout 2018, the incoming year is ensured to be a productive one for the establishing artist.

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