The Kylo Ren shirtless challenge is now a thing and everyone is doing it

Kylo Ren

Everyone who has abs, that is.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has inspired a lot of controversy on the internet. Like a lot, a lot. Too much, really. It’s a just movie people, let it go. There is a new angle to all of this, however. The film has inspired a new internet movement — the Kylo Ren Challenge.

@johnmayer this is my brother #kylorenchallenge

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It’s simple, really. All you do is take a picture of yourself menacingly posing while shirtless and wearing waist high pants.

#kylorenchallenge На хайпе, в некотором роде

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There’s a scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in which Adam Driver’s character does just that. As Star Wars fans debate, argue and meticulously dissect moments from the new film, the Kylo Ren shirtless scene is one that keeps coming up again and again (it’s really not all that hard to see why).

“It’s all about those Force connection scenes,” director Rian Johnson told PEOPLE when asked about this scene. “The keyword being intimacy. And the idea that this was a way to just, why not step that up? The idea that, what’s even more uncomfortable having a conversation face to face with a person you won’t want to, as if they’re half-naked during it, while you’re having to do it. And so it was just another way of kind of disrobing Kylo literally and figuratively a little bit more, and pushing that sense of those conversations becoming increasingly more intimate.”

Now it’s turned into an internet movement, which we probably should have seen coming.  And guess who’s in on the whole thing? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, John Mayer himself.


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So, there you have it. If Mr. My Body is a Wonderland can post a picture of himself doing the Kylo Ren challenge, then surely you can to. We’re just gonna hit the gym a few times before we do.

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