Top 10 best 'Dragon Ball Super' episodes (so far)

In the summer of 2015, Toei Animation revived the Dragon Ball series with the show’s architect Akira Toriyama’s new storyline, Dragon Ball Super.

The show has produced 124 episodes and five sagas, including the current “Universal Survival Saga” which is already 47 episodes long.

Super carries the same nostalgia of its parent series. Goku and Vegeta are the main protagonists along with the old Z fighters, but Super wrinkles in some new characters with the old, giving it a fresh look.


The 2013 film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods along with Resurrection F in 2015 where Frieza, an old sinister foe from the past, returns from the dead, were the building blocks for the series that Dragon Ball Super has become. This series might be better than any Dragon Ball series ever and when it’s all said and done, it might not even close.

One of the largest gripes with fans at the beginning of the show was the atrocious animation quality. But after more funding and attention to detail was placed on the show, fans have seen the animation quality not only progress, but also revolutionize itself. Super has had points of view variations, sonic boom-like sound differentials, and fans have seen the characters perform moves never seen before.

So, to prove this point we’ve assembled the top 10 episodes from Dragon Ball Super thus far.

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