Top 10 'Day drink' cocktails you need to try

Originally published April 18, 2016

Finally, day drinking season is upon us, which is entirely different than regular drinking obviously because you can't really casually enjoy Redbull vodkas in the middle of the day. Well you can, that is if you want to be hammered by three o'clock.

day drink, cocktails
Photo by Aydin Aksakal from Pexels

Day drinking is an activity, a social gathering if you will especially when the weather starts getting nicer. And what really sounds better than hanging out outside with your friends, playing corn hole and getting your drink on? That's right, nothing.

However, not every drink can truly classify as a "day drink" unless you're in college or you're just a hardcore party person, which is fine by us. But if you're just looking for a slight buzz and being conscious to make it out to the bar later, we've got you covered.

Before running to the liquor store, check out our top day drink drinks for some new and tasty options.

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