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We're going to show you the money!

As your favorite entertainment magazine, we have tendered an offer on the behalf of our winner of week 2 of our Cash for Comments contest Greg for the comment on the story, Top 10 Hunter Hayes Songs. Greg went all the way back in our archives to 2013!

"A big deal has been made about the youngest male artist to reach #1 on billboard country charts with respect to a single track released. It is said that Hunter was the youngest ever by a month or so, and while that seems to be true, as I know of two other artist to reach number one at age 21 (Johnny Rodriquez 1973 and Hank Williams Jr 1970- - 21 and 3 mos and 21 and 4 mos, respectively). However, a number one single is a way overrated statistic. Many top tens that never made it to the very top throughout history are much- more well known songs, have higher life time sales, and have much more staying power than any number one. Not to diminish Hunter's young career overall, but if we're looking at the youngest ever male chart maker in the country genre, it is an artist born in Shreveport in 1949 who wins this contest. Although he did not score his 1st chart topper until age 21, this artist had a number 5 at the tender age of 14 in 1964. This artist also several ablums and many top tens before he was 21, including such chart makers as "It's All Over But The Crying"- 1968 and "Cajin Baby"- 1969. Hunter started earlier, has an even more impressive instrumental talent that the one born in 1949, but if we're talking about the most impressive record career as a male youth in history on the country side, it's HWJR by a mile. HWJR made it to Ed Sullivan Show in 1963 at only 14, which was the premier premier at the time."

A hearty round of applause to our other commenters for their amazing pitches. We are running this contest every week so stop by with your clever words to win $20 cash!

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