Week One - Cash prize comment winner

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Back where I come from we have universities, seats of great learning -- where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts -- and with no more brains than you have.... But! They have one thing you haven't got!

A winning comment on The Celebrity Cafe!

Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in us by the Universitatus Committeeatum e plurbis unum, we hereby confer upon Shawnna K. the honorary degree of Dr. of Commentology for the Whitty Vernackular on the Story Bed of Nails acupuncture items perfect gift for sore or tired people.

and of course the 20 dollars of good old fashioned money that the degree entitles!

To quote our esteemed wordsmith:

I’m laying downnnnn on a bed of nails....poking my back and part of my tush! I’m laying downnnnn on a bed of nails. Lord I’ve never done this but it feels so good, this bed of nails! Ouch it poked too much! ( now put this to chorus of Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi)

Congratulations Shawnna!

A hearty round of applause to our other commenters for their amazing notes. We are running this contest every week so stop by with your clever words to win $20 cash!

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