YouTube slaps Logan Paul on the wrist for Aokigahara Forest suicide video

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YouTube finally apologized for their part in allowing Logan Paul's video of a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara Forest to be shown and, as promised, they are punishing him.

Well, kind of. 

They are removing him from YouTube Red, as we mentioned yesterday, is what happened to PewDiePie. He will not be featured in season 4 of Foursome. On top of that, his new Originals are on hold, as well as the planned sequel to The Thinning.

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In addition, according to Polygon, YouTube has removed Logan's channel from Google Preferred, which allows content creators to be listed in the top five percent of YouTube content - which makes the vloggers more money. The fine print is that the YouTuber have "brand safe content," so it's likely that move was inevitable.

Basically, YouTube has made some moves that prevent Logan from making more money than usual. The 22-year-old was worth $6 million as of January 2018, so in the grand scheme of money-making, this isn't a major blow to Logan's pockets.

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In comparison, after PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, posted anti-semantic content, Disney Maker Studios dropped him and YouTube Red canceled the second season of his Halloween special - replacing him with Logan's brother Jake by the way. Then Google removed Kjellberg from their Preferred Premium Ad Tier Status. On top of that, his work with Maker Studios on RevelMode, a pop culture subnetwork that Kjellberg put four years of his life into, was canceled as well.

Logan still has a secondary channel, his music videos, his clothing line to make money from.

YouTube has not taken internal action as of yet. It was a person in their network who allowed the video to go up and be up without a warning. They have simply said they have work to do.

Do you think this is enough punishment for Logan? What else can YouTube do? Should YouTube set precedent and close Logan's channel? Or do you think YouTube is more liable for the video going live than Logan is for producing it? Tell us below!


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