Andy Michaels offers eclectic blend in intimate sessions on 'Revisited'

'Revisited' Album Cover, Andy Michaels

Australian pop artist Andy Michaels pens songs that have been described as “True Adult Contemporary Music.”  While his sound has defied genres, encompassing an eclectic blend of everything from AC, pop and rock, Michaels mixes in a style that is a generous foray into crafted musicianship and creative arrangements.

On his latest offering, Revisited, Michaels harnesses the pulsating power of pop music, glossing over all the energies and staying power the genre has over its fans.

The album opens up with “Today’s Tomorrow” that contains fuzzed out guitars and overall a great pop cadence.  Michaels’ vocals are filled with reverberation and the rest of the track is also fruitful with an echo-y reverb-filled quality.  With an energized feel, oscillating electronic beats give a pulse to an exciting approach to the song.  The track is paved with an engaging feel, as the sounds of keys trickle in along with drums that erupt in a steady beat on the song.

“Angel” incorporates the vocals of Kerrie Ironside whose angelic singing courses over the gamut of the track.  This is a soothing ballad offers sounds of the acoustic guitar accompany Ironside’s singing with the steady beat of the drums giving off a dynamic pull to the track.  Lush strings also track this song.  With a really shining sound, the track builds up with a dramatic stance as a relaxing feel flows through the track.

On “Just Because You Love Someone” elegant strings are incorporated towards the start of the song, sizzling with a great pop cadence.  Harmonious vocal layers sound off along with the cascading pop sounds.  Echoing background vocals alternate throughout the track with pulsating rhythms on guitar and drums.

“When I Close My Eyes” has a great acoustic sound on guitar and some great percussions giving off an energized session that will pique listener interests.  With a great soothing vibe, there is also a catchy, vibrant layer to the upbeat and melodious sound.  Encased in a lovely cadence and rich harmonies, some polished strings are intermingled into the overarching sound of the dreamy song.

“I Just Want To Be The One” is filled with dark and haunting overtones.  The somber tone comes off as a bit melancholy with Michaels whispery vocals filling the track with a hushed sensibility.  Washes of strings ridden the track filled with a reverberating and dramatic quality.

“I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)” belies with the melodious strumming on the acoustic guitar towards the beginning of the song.  With easy numerating over the guitar and dramatic strings, hushed sensibilities to the reticent-like vocals pave this harmonic ballad, followed by a lush and elegant sound.

“Will There Be Love” is filled by soaring synths and some pivotal electronic backbeats on this track.  Ironside’s soulful vocals give this pop track a resounding R&B pull to the atmospheric and ethereal vibe.

On “Where Are You Now,” the acoustic guitar sounds off toward the beginning of the song.  With sparse arrangements on the guitar and vocals, Michaels engages the audience with his personalized storytelling and intimate session.  Some elegant strings also intercede into the track.

“Home” incorporates a clashing rock vibe accompanied by the sounds of the acoustic guitar, keys, and drums, giving off a classic rock cadence.  Altogether the coalescing of instrumentation gives off a dynamic feel.  With an inviting and warm sound, the song mixes in the lush sounds of strings to pivot off a dramatic pulse to this invigorating ballad.

“Back To Me” has sounds of chimes sounding off toward the start of the song.  With ethereal washes of strings and keys, the blend of cadences encompasses a highly atmospheric and dramatic sound.  The harmonious background vocals delve into a spirited and otherworldly feel to the music.

On “White Lies” the strings gives off an ethereal vibe towards the beginning of the track, as the rest of the song sinks into a rich and elegant sound.

“Lucretia’s Eylandt” has an overall atmospheric and ambient vibe with a dreamy and clashing ethereal sound.  Here, Sharon Court’s crystalline vocals really make this an engaging song.

“Angel (With Choir)” starts off with ethereal washes on strings.  Incorporating an atmospheric and ambient feel.  Vibrant guitar strings accompany the drama-filled choral background, giving a Gospel air to the soulful and spirited sound.  The track is traced by the sound of lush strings.

Get lost in the atmospheric soundscapes filled with heartfelt lyrics and ambient sounds.

Andy Michaels is the type of artist with no way to easily categorize him into any particular genre.  With this collection of moving and versatile songs under his belt, Michaels proves through his musical prowess that he is an artist meant for great things.  With the sky as the limit, he accentuates the eclectic on this electric record.

Be sure you have a listen Andy Michaels’ Revisited today!

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