Dive into Arden and the Wolves melodic-driven sound on EP release, 'Who Can You Trust'

'Who Can You Trust' EP Cover, Arden and the Wolves

Arden and the Wolves is a musical project that was founded by Arden Leigh, who also lists author, intuitive relationship coach, magickal arts practitioner on her working resume.

Leigh claims that all her songs are working spells.  As listeners dive into her new EP, entitled, Who Can You Trust, Leigh sheds a little light on her invigorating experience: “Writing and recording the EP Who Can You Trust has been possibly the most magical, psychedelic experience of my life, taking me on a journey of self-transformation that I couldn’t possibly have anticipated at its outset.   I had also set an intention at the start of the year to hear from previous relationships and undo all the fear programming that a slew of betrayals, abandonment and sexual assaults had left me with.”

The EP opens up with the title-track, “Who Can You Trust” with its great mysterious sound and enigmatic quality.  The dark sound gives off an ominous vibe with Leigh’s passionate vocals harkening to a haunting vibe and dreamy cadence.  Leigh’s vocals, here, really has the commandeering spirit going on to really capture the track with its bared down stance.  With a great alt-rock feel, the bassline keeps up with the rhythms and with melodic guitars and drums that delves into an even paced steady beat, the spiraling sounds really coalesce to make some dynamic music.

“Another Year Of Rain” has a catchy beat on the bongo drums.  Leigh’s dynamic vocals will really enthrall with its magical quality and great indie-rock vibe.  The song is seething with enjoyable melodies and an upbeat sound that reels with an air of mystery.

“Tango (The Girl Who Never Was)” is driven by some melodic guitars that etch out a lovely sound that is later joined in by the drumming beat in the track.  Leigh’s vocals incorporate an added layer of darker cadences with grooves that are spellbinding, unleashing an enthralling, haunting, and ominous approach.

On this Ramones cover of “Poison Heart”, Leigh adds her own take on the classic rock sounds.  The melodic riffs on this song jive for an upbeat and catchy appeal.

“The Death Of Me” has an overall delectable sound paired with a melodious cadence.  Lush strings and melodious piano keys accompany Leigh’s vocals with layers of vocal harmonies livening up the track towards the end.

Arden Leigh’s fiery-spiritedness and passionate vocals will cast a spell unto listeners.

Leigh’s music instinctively encapsulates a jarring time in her life with finesse and daringness.

On Who Can You Trust, Leigh’s energized performances makes this burning music to get out and be heard.

Backed by Nick Mason (drums), Rick Brandt (bass), and Marko Jankovic (guitar), the group proves that there is no match for these hard working contenders.

Sink into Arden and the Wolves plush and rich sound today!

Arden and the Wolves' new EP, Who Can You Trust, is due out for release on Feb. 9. 2018.

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