Brendan Fraser helps retell Getty kidnapping in FX's 'Trust'


If you haven’t seen enough of the Getty family after All the Money in the World and all the drama that went into that movie, then never fear — we have the show for you. FX has released the first trailer for Trust, their upcoming drama about the Getty kidnapping. Because, apparently, we need to see that retold again.

Okay, okay maybe it’s a little soon, but hold on — this time Brendan Fraser is starring in a lead role. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Trust is being helmed by director Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire fame. Donald Sutherland is playing the greedy oil tycoon J. Paul Getty — you know the one who was played by Kevin Spa.., I mean Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott’s film.

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This time around, Trust seems to be focusing more on the hoax side of the Getty kidnapping — looking into the possibility if John Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson) could have set up this entire thing by himself.

Brendan Fraser is playing James Fletcher Chace, the role that went to Mark Wahlberg in All the Money in the World. Only this time, Chace is dawning a cowboy hat and southern accent. “You’d think being rich would be a breeze,” we hear him say in the trailer.

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Boyle said he chose Fraser to star in the role after seeing him in The Affair. “I utterly believed him,” Boyle said via GQ. “It’s one of those delicious moments where you see someone you’re so familiar with who is changed by time and by experience. You kind of just clock that, and it’s both so sad and so wonderful.”

Hilary Swank, Michael Esper, Anna Chancellor, Robert Leo Butz, Charlotte Riley and Marinelli also star.

Trust is also planned to be an anthology series, in which each season will focus on a different era of the Getty family. I wasn’t aware that the Getty’s had so many stories to tell, but this is really happening.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time making head-or-tails of this one. It partially feels like a fake trailer that you would see on SNL, but no, this is real. That being said, it’s not like All the Money in the World was this extravagant masterpiece and that the Getty story can never be touched again. I’m also all on board for a Brendan Fraser renaissance — his first two Mummy movies were amazing in a guilty-pleasure kind of way — so maybe Trust can be more of the same.

Trust premieres on March 25, 2018. Watch the trailer here and let us know, in the comments below, what you think of Trust. Are you going to watch it? Is it too close to All the Money in the World? What about Brendan Fraser's comeback? Are you excited?

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