Chicago hip hop/pop artist Colvin releases new conceptual EP, 'Nightmare'

'Nightmare' EP Cover, Colvin

Colvin is a hip hop/pop creative who produces music that is best described as “futuristic R&B and Urban Pop.”  Hailing from Bellwood, Illinois, Colvin harnesses multiple skills and talents, producing beats, writing songs and choreography for himself and other artists.

On his latest offering, Colvin is unleashing his EP, Nightmare, the first installment of his Dreams Of A Songwriter series.  Dreams Of A Songwriter is a series of EPs and small projects that will be sure to hook listeners with its biological narrative on Colvin’s life and how he sees the world.  Nightmare, itself, incorporates all the dark stuff hashed out in fairy tales.  Colvin promises to reveal the darker parts of the rainbow – “in order to appreciate the rainbow, you must first endure the rain.  The rain will help you grow.”

On the EP, the title-track, “Nightmare,” starts out with warbling synthesizers and an energized bassline that paves the track.  A dark, ominous feel permeates the song with a nearly haunting vibe.  There is a great flow to this R&B track with a glitchy mechanical sound on the electronic beats.  Pulsating with an electronic backbeat, grinding pop sounds makes the ambient cadences on the track more prevalent.  Blips and bleeps of technological fare give off an industrial beat, giving this atmospheric song a great appeal.

“No way” starts off with the sounds of clapping that gives off a rhythmic beat to the song.  There is definitely a hypnotic feel to the track with vocals that will give you the chills as you listen to it edge off on a darker and more ominous vibe.  There is a slightly melancholy riff to the song along with a mesmerizing cadence that adds an enthralling pulse to the track.

“Find Somebody” has the Colvin’s auto-tuned vocals oscillate in and out of the song.   With a playful, nearly whimsical sound to this enticing R&B track, flares of electronic beats pulsates throughout from beginning to end.  Colvin’s vocals are altogether relaxed and chill, giving the somber riffs, a haunting quality.

“Fade Away” starts out with some melodic keys and soaring synths that altogether give off a soaring effect to the song.  Again Colvin incorporates his auto-tuned vocals into the track, overall eliciting a dreamy quality to the song.

“Nightlight” begins with the cascading of ethereal synths and electronic beats, giving off a dreamy sound to the overall atmospheric vibe.  The soaring sounds make for moving music that will put listeners in motion.

“No Life” is peppered with ambient synths and an energized bassline that will keep listeners pumped.  There is a happening R&B vibe on the track, glistening with a great pop appeal.

Colvin is an artist who knows how to electrify the senses.  With T-Pain-influenced vocals, non-traditional drum patterns and a highly atmospheric sound, feel Colvin’s unique soundscapes light up your night sky.  With hidden monsters and beasts with sinister intent perhaps lying in wait in its dark layers, let your imagination run wild with his distinctive conceptual EP, Nightmare.

About his work, Colvin speaks out, “As an Artist, I believe that the sky is the limit.  Everything is possible through Christ with hard work and dedication.  Why stop at what has already been done?  We are discoverers, inventors, and Champions of today.  We are the Future.”

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