'Legends of Tomorrow' recap: 'Here I Go Again'

Legends of Tomorrow

On the newest Legends of Tomorrow, the group is stuck in a time loop and Zari must find a way to save the Legends.

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends teamed up with Constantine to try and save Nora Darhk from Mallus’s possession. In the end, Damien arrived and Nora left with her father. Constantine told Ray to keep watch over Sara since she was possessed earlier.

“Here I Go Again” starts in the Waverider with Zari telling Gideon to run a simulation software she made while the other Legends are out. Gideon continues to tell Zari she is not convinced running the simulation is a good idea, but Zari starts it when she learns the team just came back.

The other Legends arrive and Zari claims she did the maintenance check. She asks them about the mission, which involved the ABBA song “Waterloo” and Napoleon. Ray mentions Nate and Amaya were a no-show when they were needed and they apologize. Sara asks Gideon if the timeline is correct now, but Gideon starts breaking up and then shuts down. Ray says the neurocore is messed up and Zari admits she ran a simulation.

Legends of Tomorrow
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She tells Sara and Ray that the simulation is looking for ways she can find loopholes or as Ray puts it, “hack history.” She wants to go to her time and save her family. Sara tells Zari to go fix Gideon and the two argue while Ray looks on concerned. Sara’s annoyance makes Ray worried and he trips over himself trying to stop her from going towards Zari.

Zari goes to fix Gideon and a weird liquid sprays all over her and then the ship explodes. Zari is back to her fight with Sara and is confused. Ray yet again trips over himself trying to stop their argument and Zari rushes away. She hears Amaya talking to Nate about their relationship, and how it needs to be put on hold for the good of the team given everything that is happening. She goes to ask the other Legends about deja vu but none of them noticed anything. After, she goes to try and fix the ship again and manages to evade the liquid when unplugging a tube. The ship then explodes again.

Zari appears back to the same point in time again and tries to tell Sara something weird is happening. Sara twists her arm when Zari pulls on her from behind and tells Ray to take her to medical. She tries to tell Ray but he gives her a sedative and the time loop starts again.

Legends of Tomorrow
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In the newest loop, Zari stops Sara immediately and calls everyone to the bridge. She says they will die in an hour and they need to figure out what is wrong with the ship. None of them believe her and each time Ray comes up with a new response to what is wrong with Zari (my personal favorite being “too many donuts”). Zari manages to get up despite the sedative and runs into Nate. While she rambles to him she mentions being in a time loop and he tells her about the movie Groundhog Day. Before they explode he says to tell him about the loop next time.

In the next loop, Zari goes to find Nate. Zari messes up and says hedgehog day at first, but Nate figures out what she means. The two work together to figure out a way to stop the time loop and save the ship. Zari realizes the explosion appears to come from on the ship and so they hypothesize someone aboard accidentally blows it up. They see Rory with a laundry basket and follow him into the kitchen were he zaps himself with the memory wipe tech so he can forget the song “Waterloo.” Amaya takes it from him while he goes to do his laundry.

Zari wonders why Amaya wants the memory stick and ponders if Kuasa is somehow behind the explosion. Nate follows Amaya but Zari is interrupted by Ray, who is heading towards the laundry room. Ray mentions making Sara angry again and Zari questions him, but he continues to say if Sara is happy, the ship is happy. Zari rushes off to find Nate, who is in the library with Amaya again. Amaya wants them to use the memory stick so they can forget anything new happened between them on during the mission. Nate agrees but says they might as well have fun before they wipe their memories. Zari gags when she hears them and is thankful when the time resets.

Zari goes to Nate again and after catching him up, they go to Rory’s room when he leaves. In the next couple loops the two attempt to disable the traps Rory has set in his room and on a box which contains a typewriter. They discover Rory is writing a sci-fi erotica, not hiding something that could hurt the ship.

Legends of Tomorrow
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In the next loop, Zari and Nate go see Ray. They find Sara there and Ray gives her some calming tea. They question Ray and he caves immediately, telling them about Constantine's warning that they may have to kill Sara if she is possessed by Mallus again. The two fill Ray in on the time loop, which he associates with Star Trek. Everyone wonders if the explosion has something to do with Sara and Mallus. Ray and Zari follow Sara to the jump ship and Ray shrinks both of them so they can spy on their Captain.

They stealthily watch Sara as she sits down with her tea and a crossword. Agent Ava Sharpe calls and the two flirt. Sara talks about her day, her argument with Zari, and how Zari is important to the team. Sara shares how the simulation could drive her to only focus on a way to save her own sister. The two women continue to flirt and Sara finally hears the shrunken Legends. She thinks they are a fly and swats them with the newspaper.

The loop starts again and Zari is completely exhausted. When she tells Nate, he suggests she take a break and have fun since there are no consequences. A montage follows of her playing with the Legend’s weapons and costumes, reading Rory’s book, standing behind Ray and Rory with signs of what is happening.

After more loops, Zari finds Nate again and says she cannot continue. She tries to shoot herself to see if it ends the loop but the gun fails to work. This time Sara believes Zari. Sara tells the Legends they have to search the ship for a bomb. After a bottle Rory tried to throw down the chute pops back up, Zari realizes she has yet to check the trash compactor.

They go to the trash compactor and find Agent Gary inside. He tried to beam aboard the bridge but something happened and when he pulls out some tech, Rory destroys it immediately thinking it is the bomb. Gary says the device was time looping them in order to save them from the explosion. They only have five minutes to find the bomb or the Waverider explodes and they die for good.

They go back to the bridge and Gary says the bomb originated during their mission in 1975. Rory wonders if it is the song and Sara finds the bomb on the anachronism. Zari thinks Darhk planted it and they all try to figure out how to destroy the bomb. She takes the bomb to the room off the bridge and engages a forcefield.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Zari talks to the team and says her goodbyes. She tells Rory he should continue writing, and then tells Nate and Amaya to make their relationship work because it makes them happy. Zari tells Ray how good he is, but tells him he should tell Sara about his fear. She tells Sara she is a good captain despite her stubbornness and encourages her to date Ava.

The team tries to make Zari listen but she says she considers them family and cannot watch them die. She uses her totem to help her contain the bomb. Nate and Amaya try and use their powers to break the forcefield. She tells them she loves them and when the bomb hits 0, Zari opens her eyes to find herself unharmed and alone.

Zari looks for the team and instead finds the physical embodiment of Gideon. Gideon tells her that she had an accident when trying to fix the ship and the time liquid that landed on her was dangerous. Zari’s body is in medical but Gideon uploaded her mind into her A.I. matrix.

Legends of Tomorrow
Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Gideon says Zari’s simulation to save 2042 has a constant in that she needs to be a Legend and work with the others in order to achieve her goal. Gideon saw that Zari needed to bond with the team and made a simulation to make it happen. Zari and Gideon banter and then Zari wakes up.

Sara and Ray think Zari is confused when she tells them what happened and Gideon refuses to back her up. Zari proves it by asking Ray to tell Sara about Constantine and Mallus. Ray does and Sara agrees that if that happens, she should be killed. Sara and Zari then discuss the simulation. Sara says they will help Zari save her brother. Zari then tries to convince Sara she should ask Ava out.

Zari then goes to talk to the rest of the team, starting with Nate and Amaya. She tells them about the memory erasing and encourages them to talk about their relationship. She goes to Rory and tells him his book needs a rewrite of the ending. Zari then picks up the violin she tried to learn during the montage scene and can now play beautifully. As she plays, the scene changes to show Amaya and Nate making out, Sara chatting with Ava, and Rory fixing the ending of his book.

The episode ends in present-day China where Wally West (aka Kid Flash from The Flash) is attempting to meditate. Rip Hunter shows up asking for his help because the universe is in danger.

Legends of Tomorrow proves yet again it can be fun and still have a lot of heart with “Here I Go Again.” I love Zari, I love ABBA, and I love the found family trope so this is definitely in my top 3 Legends of Tomorrow episodes. The montage scene was great. I like that we got to see Zari connecting with her teammates and realizing how important the team is to her and each other.

Tune in Mondays at 8 p.m on. The CW for new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. Check out the trailer for the next episode below.

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